My Hero Academia Episode 92 Review – Episode 93 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 92 - Shinso

I wonder just how dangerous an opponent Shinso would be had he been training with the Hero Course from the beginning.

I also wonder how we’re going to get past this training exercise with enough time to get to another storyline. We’re four episodes in to a 25 episode season and we’ve only seen one group complete their fight. I realize that not all of the groups will get a ton of time to showcase what they can do, but it feels like half the season will be done before we leave the training grounds.

Thankfully the action we do see between Class 1-A and Class 1-B is a lot of fun to watch. Class 1-B is actually a formidable opponent now. They spent a lot of time honing their skills and quirks in order to catch up to their more seasoned classmates. They also have a chip on their shoulders and want to prove themselves. Had it not been for Shinso in this first fight, Class 1-B’s might’ve well defeated the team from Class 1-A.

My Hero Academia Episode 92 - Shinso's voice modifier

The big revelation from this episode is Shinso’s voice changing equipment. We saw him use it in My Hero Academia episode 91 but we get a good explanation of it here. Shinso’s quirk is not effective if he tries to use a microphone or something like that. It has to be his unfiltered voice reaching the ears of the victim.

The attachment to his face only modifies the sound waves. There’s no artificial manipulation. Shinso has to manually adjust his device in order to achieve the desired voice. When he gets it right, he can mimic the voices of those around him. That’s a pretty impressive feat when you think about it.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to have to manually adjust something in order to copy someone else’s voice? You would have to have a detailed knowledge of what elements needed to be changed in order to achieve the desired effect. That would take a long time and tons of practice and error to get right. This can only mean that Shinso was putting in as much time as everyone else in order to achieve his dream of becoming a hero.

My Hero Academia Episode 92 - Kaminari's plan

My Hero Academia‘s fight between the teams from Class 1-A and Class 1-B along with Shinso was an incredibly fun watch. You really feel like you’re watching a chess match, only one with a bunch of fighting. The ability of Tsu, Kaminari and Shinso to improvise and attack was pretty impressive. Kaminari himself was the one who came up with the plan which is a complete surprise. He’s normally more like his idiot self when it comes to these things.

With the first fight completed, episode 92 manages to heighten the suspense for the rematch between Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinso. Both have changed so much since their fight in the Sports Festival. Shinso has proven that he can be a great asset to his team so the Class 1-A team will be at a severe disadvantage. How will Midoriya overcome this challenge? Of course we’ll just have to speculate until that time comes but I’ll be excited to see it happen.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 92 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 92 is worth watching. I like the face that the anime is intentionally focusing on all of the students and not just the main players. It’d be easy to highlight Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, Uraraka and one or two others. Everyone else would just be filler characters that would pop in every so often. That’s the typical anime way of doing things.

Instead, we get to see the diversity of abilities that everyone has and how it all works together. It creates an anime where you feel like any of the characters could have an impact at any given time. Basically there aren’t any Krillin’s or Yamcha’s hanging around. It leads to an exciting and unpredictable fight every time.

My Hero Academia Episode 93 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 93 Preview - Tokoyami's new power

The training exercise continues. This time its Yaoyorozu’s team against Kendo’s team. It appears that Class 1-B’s team has a plan to deal with Dark Shadow and he’s taken out of the fight early on. With that being the case, Class 1-A’s team is on the defensive. It’s hinted though that Tokoyami has a new ability that he learned while doing his work study with Hawks. It’s insinuated that we’ll get to see it in action at some point in episode 93. It should be an exciting episode.

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