My Hero Academia Episode 94 Review – Episode 95 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 94 Review – Episode 95 Preview

The second round in the fight between U.A. High School Hero Course students comes to a close in this episode. It reminded me of a sporting event where one team is the entrenched champions who are taking on their very talented but still unsuccessful rivals. The above picture does the best job of summarizing the entire episode. Yaoyorozu tied herself to Kendo in a last ditch effort to keep her from being effective.

The biggest difference between the two teams was the willingness of the Class 1-B team to treat the exercise like an actual fight. Tokoyami from Class 1-A had the perfect opportunity to knock out two of the Class 1-B members but he failed to do so. That decision ended up costing him as it allowed Kinoko Komori to use her most deadly move. The fact that she used it even took her teammates by surprise.

As far as how I’d rate this episode, I think it falls in line with what we’ve seen from My Hero Academia season 5 so far. The goal of season 5 was to highlight students other than Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki. My Hero Academia episode 94 allowed us to see why there are other students who are worthy of training to become heroes. I can only assume that the depth of development here will end up paying off somewhere down the road.

Kinoko Komori being asked about using her special attack
Komori being asked about what she used to take down Tokoyami

I did really enjoy watching this fight for the reason that I mentioned above about the feel of the fight between Classes 1-A and 1-B. I think that’s a story that anyone who follows sports will understand instinctively. Personally, I’m watching it unfold right now in Formula 1. The entrenched champions and their seven time world champion driver, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, are trying to fend off a challenge from their closest rivals, Red Bull.

When a fight is close, like they are here in episode 94, it’s exciting. There’s always the threat that the champions are going to be knocked from their throne. Class 1-A is very much that champion in My Hero Academia. They’ve been the ones that have stood out from the very first season.

I do find it interesting that this training exercise will probably take up the first half of season 5. We’re six episodes in so far and they’re still not half way through this story. I wouldn’t expect to see Deku’s match get anything less than two full episodes, possibly three, so that means we could be past the half-way point when everything is done.

This does kind of temper my hopes for seeing the resolution of all of the intrigue that we were given a taste of in the first episode. If you remember, the whole showdown with Endeavor and Hawks with Dabi was dripping in anticipation for more action to come. Hawks is also working undercover, trying to get into the League of Villains. It’s a far deeper story than just a training exercise and I’ll be excited to get back to it.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 94 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 94 is worth watching. The fighting between the two classes in the U.A. High School Hero Course is on par with what we’re used to seeing in this anime. Class 1-B is desperate to prove that they’re just as good as their more famous classmates. Class 1-A doesn’t want to give up the mantle of the top class to a group that’s not been featured as prominently. It all makes out for an intense showdown that any fan of the series will enjoy.

Now we just have to wait until next Saturday for episode 95 to come out. Speaking of that…

Class 1-A's team 3
The next team up for Class 1-A in the exercise against Class 1-B.

My Hero Academia Episode 95 Preview

The Next two groups to battle are up. The team from Class 1-A consists of Iida, Todoroki, Ojiro and Shoji. Of the members of the Class 1-B team I can identify Tetsutetsu and Honenuki. The Class 1-A team appears to be a fairly balanced team with an ace member, Todoroki. They should have the advantage but it is hinted at that Honenuki’s strategy will makes things difficult. We’re shown an image of Todoroki encircling an area with ice so he’ll get to show off a little. It should be another exciting matchup!

Now go watch some anime!


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