My Hero Academia Episode 95 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 95 Review

The fight between Class 1-A and Class 1-B wouldn’t be fun to watch if it was just one-sided. Team 3 from Class 1-A looks to be as formidable a group as possible. Todoroki is an all-star. Iida is a strong leader. Shoji is excellent at scouting and Ojiro is good at close quarters combat. Team 3 from Class 1-B doesn’t stand a chance. Right? My Hero Academia episode 95 shows us otherwise.

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Thankfully that’s not the case. My Hero Academia episode 95 shows us that all it takes is one advantageous quirk and everything can be thrown off. I’m reminded of all the different sayings and phrases I’ve heard over the years about how the best laid plans go to waste once real life hits. Honenuki’s quirk shows us that the Class 1-B team is going to be more of a handful than what we first thought.

What were the interesting parts of My Hero Academia episode 95?

You can’t ignore Honenuki and his quirk here. He appears to be the leader of Class 1-B’s team 3. At this point, Honenuki controls the battlefield. He’s laid traps and thrown the Class 1-A team off of their game. It’s going to be a tough fight from here on out.

Another part of episode 95 that I believe to be interesting is the brief look we got at the Todoroki family. We haven’t seen much of this since the first episode of My Hero Academia season 5 so I’ve been anxiously looking for any more development in this area. Endeavor comes across as any other adult who’s just learning technology for the first time and doesn’t understand the etiquette of it.

My Hero Academia Episode 95 - Endeavor

Watching Endeavor cyberstalk his son makes me think back to when Facebook opened itself up to everyone. All of a sudden adults were connecting to Facebook and trying to “look cool” to their kids. Endeavor is “that” dad.

The brief focus of My Hero Academia episode 95 on Endeavor’s treatment of Todoroki during their training is a good way to see where each character is at. Endeavor looks back on that time and sees his mistakes. Todoroki looks back on that and sees his father at his worst. Both understand that work needs to be done on their relationship, but it’s just going to take time.

I couldn’t finish this section without mentioning Iida’s development in this episode. With all of the talk about successors, it’s easy to forget that Iida is a successor as well. Iida is tasked with continuing on the Ingenium name. I was happy to see him shine here. He’s also got a pretty awesome new move, Reciproturbo.

My Hero Academia Episode 95 - Iida

Were there any moments in the episode that were bad?

I can’t think of anything in My Hero Academia episode 95 that was really bad or poor quality. The story connects with previous episodes. We get more action, which is always a highlight of this anime. Endeavor and Todoroki’s story is continuing at a good pace. We even get a little glimpse at what could happen in the final fight between Izuku Midoriya and Shinso. I’ve got no complaints about this episode.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 95 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 95 is worth watching. Overall this is just a good anime. The fight between the team 3’s is more exciting than expected. There’s a little bit on Endeavor and Todoroki’s relationship. I’d say that My Hero Academia is doing a pretty good job of developing all of the characters, not just the main ones.

My Hero Academia Episode 96 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 96 Preview - Todoroki

The fight between the teams will come to an end. It’s hinted that Todoroki is going to have to use his flames in order to win the fight. That means he’s going to have to get past the mental blocks he’s put up. That should be entertaining, but I’m actually looking forward to Shoji showing off all of his arms. He’s not just a scout after all.

This should be a fun episode to watch. Now we just have to wait until next Saturday!

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