My Hero Academia Episode 96 Review – Episode 97 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 96 Review – Episode 97 Preview

My Hero Academia episode 96 does exactly what season 5 of MHA set out to do. Prior to this season, news leaked out that the goal of season 5 was to bring the other characters back into focus. The anime wasn’t just content to relegate side characters to minor support roles. Bones, the animation studio, didn’t want any Yamcha’s hanging around.

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I’d say that after this episode that goal has been achieved. I have a newfound respect for Iida as both a leader and as a formidable hero. His Recipro Turbo was shown off in My Hero Academia episode 96 with the same level of awesome magnitude that we’ve seen given to Midoriya and One For All.

What did My Hero Academia episode 96 get right?

Like I just mentioned, the way in which Iida’s Recipro Turbo was animated was awesome. I loved watching him jet around, taking Mudman out of his game. It really gave me a feeling that he was about to run roughshod over Class 1-B’s team. Iida is definitely the MVP from the Class 1-A side in this fight.

My Hero Academia Episode 96 - Iida using Recipro Turbo

Of course it’s always fun to watch as Todoroki turns up the heat in one of his fights. Tetsutetsu is the perfect opponent for Todoroki to push his limits on. Tetsutetsu’s steel quirk allows him to take everything that Todoroki can throw at him. That just means that the two are destined for a match where Todoroki has to continually ramp up the intensity. That was a lot of fun to watch!

The back and forth nature of the entire fight is probably the biggest highlight of My Hero Academia episode 96. When one side appeared to have the upper hand, someone would show up and even things out. As dissatisfying it was to watch this fight end in a draw, it was the only possible outcome for these two teams.

What did this episode get wrong?

The only thing that I can think of that annoyed me during the fight was how Todoroki fought Tetsutetsu early on. After doing a quick internet search and becoming an expert on metallurgy, I think Todoroki should’ve tried to rapidly cool down Tetsutetsu. Basically I think Todoroki should’ve tried to harden Tetsutetsu.

My Hero Academia episode 96 - Honenuki arriving just in time to save Tetsutetsu

In doing this, Tetsutetsu’s metal exterior would’ve become so hard that it would’ve been difficult for him to move. That’s the whole point of the hardening process from what I can see. I get that Todoroki probably wouldn’t have thought about this at the time of their fight, but my first thought would’ve been to try and stress test Tetsutetsu’s steel with rapid temperature changes.

I’m sure that there will be people out there that also think the ending to the fight was a cop out. I have to admit that I kind of feel the same way. In a fight as epic as this, you want to see a winner. No one is left satisfied with a draw. Considering the lengths that each team went to try and secure a victory, I think it’s the logical conclusion.

Is My Hero Academia episode 96 worth watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 96 is worth watching. This episode of the anime has done more to make me excited about the training exercise between Classes 1-A and 1-B than any of the others. I could not be more excited to see Iida step up his game and show everyone that he’s back on the main stage. Class 1-B is full of capable students as well.

All episode 96 did was make me more excited to see what’s coming next. Who cares about what happened at the start of season 5 when Dabi stared down Endeavor and Hawks? Who cares about Hawks’s mission to infiltrate the League of Villains? Wait, what am I saying! That’s the stuff that I love about anime! That’s how amazing My Hero Academia episode 96 was.

My Hero Academia Episode 97 Preview

My Hero Academia episode 96 - Setsuna Tokage

Bakugo’s team is up! I have the feeling that he’s really about to show off. The Class 1-A team is supposedly going to have a tough go of things as the Class 1-B team contains Setsuna Tokage. She made it into the course through recommendations, putting her in the same category as Todoroki. We’re shown that the fight is going to start quickly so it’ll be fast paced from the start. I can’t wait for next Saturday!

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