My Hero Academia Episode 97 Review – Episode 98 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 97 Review – Episode 98 Preview

My Hero Academia episode 97 shows us that Bakugo isn’t just going to sit back and let others catch up to him. As exciting as it was to watch Iida step up last episode, Bakugo was even more exciting to watch. This match wasn’t even in question. Now he just needs to improve his bedside manners.

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What went on here in episode 97?

Basically Bakugo just firmly planted his flag as the top student in the hero course. The Class 1-B team had a decent strategy for dealing with the brash and abrasive future hero. It looked like the Class 1-B team was going to wipe away Bakugo’s support right off the bat, but that quickly went away. Bakugo saved his teammates and from there the match was never close.

My Hero Academia episode 97 from that point on was the Class 1-B team on defense as Bakugo’s unrelenting attacks kept coming. Anytime one of the Class 1-A team members got in trouble, they were saved almost instantaneously. This includes Bakugo as well. In the end, it was an overwhelming victory for Class 1-A.

What did My Hero Academia episode 97 get right?

I probably could just say “Everything” and just move on from here. This is one of those anime episodes where you can just sit back and watch again and again. I was wondering how My Hero Academia episode 97 was going to top episode 96. I’m glad to see that it did.

My Hero Academia episode 97 - Class 1-B's team captured

As far as highlighting specifically some things that episode 97 got right, the most obvious is Bakugo’s continued development. The most shocking moment was probably when Bakugo saved Jiro when Class 1-B’s attack appeared to be successful. It was a moment where everyone realized that Bakugo wasn’t just fully consumed with just himself. From that point on, Bakugo, Jiro, Sero and Sato were a well oiled machine.

Another highlight that stood out to me was actually the build up to the fifth and final match. I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for this match since the teams were announced. We’ll get to see the rematch between Shinso and Midoriya.

The whole feeling surrounding this match during My Hero Academia episode 97 is meant to build up right to the point where the credits cut in. As you watch, you can hear the music slowly build up to an exciting pace. Midoriya, Uraraka, Ashido and Mineta work to come up with a strategy that suits them. We’re led to believe that there’s something not right about One For All.

All of this is really exciting. That doesn’t even include what’s happening on the Class 1-B side either. Far from being idle, Class 1-B’s team is trying to come up with a way to take down Midoriya. From their conversation it appears that Shinso and Monoma are going to try and double team him. One things for sure, this will be an exciting match.

My Hero Academia episode 97 - Buildup to the fifth match

What did episode 97 get wrong?

As easy as it would’ve been to say “Everything” in the section above, it would be just as easy to say “Nothing” here. I can’t profess to be an expert at dissecting anime episodes, but there weren’t any glaring issues that I could see. The whole point of My Hero Academia episode 97 was to highlight Bakugo’s growth and hype us up for the next match. As far as I’m concerned, that mission was accomplished.

Is My Hero Academia episode 97 worth watching?

If you got to this point and you haven’t figured out my answer, then you didn’t read the review. Yes, My Hero Academia episode 97 is worth watching. This anime episode is the perfect example of what you need to do to satisfy your audience. All I want to do right now is skip forward to next week and watch episode 98. Speaking of which…

My Hero Academia episode 98 preview

My Hero Academia episode 98 preview

It’s finally time! My Hero Academia episode 98 is the start of Midoriya vs Shinso round 2. Yes, there may be other characters in the fight as well, but they’re not the main attraction. As much as I’d like to make a puberty joke here, Midoriya’s words of “In the middle of the match something strange starts to happen inside me” bodes ill for his quirk. One For All has been acting strange since the end of My Hero Academia season 4. How is it going to affect the match here?

With all of that going on, All Might is shown on a call with Gran Torino. That can only mean that something is going on with the League of Villains. Will they interrupt the match? I doubt it. My guess is that we’ll get a hint at where things are going from here. With the training exercise almost over the focus will have to shift somewhere else.

All I know is I’m eagerly awaiting what we get to see next week. I wonder if they’ll break up the fight into two episodes or keep it in one? Guess I’ll just have to wait and find out!

Now go watch some anime!


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