Naruto Episode 28 Review

Naruto Episode 28 - Sasuke and Sakura hiding from the ninja

This is the type of anime episode that I can get into!

Right about now I’m pretty happy with my decision to start watching Naruto from the beginning. Naruto episode 28 really amps up the danger level past anything that we saw with Zabuza. It feels like the anime is really coming into it’s own right now.

To sum up, Naruto gets captured and has another ninja pose as him. Sasuke figures this out right away and is able to fight off the other ninja. Right after the battle is over they’re attacked by another ninja who’s far more powerful. Naruto gets eaten by a monster snake but escapes using his shadow clones. Sasuke struggles to survive against the other ninja.

All of this is entertaining. There’s not a moment in Naruto episode 28 where you want to skip forward. You can sense the danger oozing through the screen as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura fight for their lives against the other candidates and nature.

I have to admit it now, I’m hooked. I wanted to be a Naruto cynic that couldn’t find anything redeeming about this anime despite it’s wild popularity. In fact, I fully intended to dump on these first few seasons and say they’re outdated and didn’t age well. From there I wanted to dismiss current seasons as something that is generic and is only made to appeal to the masses. There goes that plan!

It’s the little details in Naruto that I think make it so easy to love. In this episode for me, it was the moment when Sasuke used the password to identify the false Naruto. When Sasuke created the password he fully intended Naruto to not remember it.

Naruto Episode 28 - Sasuke revealing the fake Naruto

When the other ninja disguised as Naruto recited the password word for word and revealed herself, Sasuke came out with a great line. He said there’s no way that idiot would ever remember all of that password and you can’t help but agree with him. Naruto’s a lot of things but he’s not one for memorization. It may be a little part of episode 28 but it shows that Sasuke is paying attention to his teammate.

If I was to have one complaint so far in the anime it would be that Sakura really hasn’t done anything so far. I mean she really hasn’t done anything. I can’t remember her even throwing a knife, dagger or shuriken. She’s basically been there to be a witness to Naruto and Sasuke saving the day. Can’t she at least throw a punch or something?

While watching this I really did get a feeling that Sasuke and Sakura were going to die at the hands of the mysterious ninja after their lives while Naruto got digested by a snake. I knew better, obviously, but even knowing the series continues didn’t dispel that emotion. That’s pretty good storytelling if you ask me.

Is Naruto Episode 28 Worth Watching?

Yes. Naruto episode 28 is worth watching. The action is quickly heating up in the forest. With Naruto back on the scene will they be able to bring down the female ninja who’s out to kill Team 7? You know how to find out!

Now go watch some anime!



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