Naruto Episode 30 Review

Turns out all Sasuke needed was a little tongue lashing from Naruto and Sakura to get him properly motivated. Too bad he’s no match for the ninja that’s after him. Orochimaru has now been revealed as one of the top bad guys. Naruto episode 30 really turned into something fun to watch!

How was the story in Naruto episode 30?

I have no complaints with the progression of the story here. Orochimaru was presented as a legitimate threat to the village hidden in the leaves. The fact that Orochimaru was the sensei for the test proctor only makes him more dangerous. Anko, the proctor, is no slouch in her own right and she’s practically powerless to stop her former teacher.

Anko only survives the fight because Orochimaru wants to keep her alive and keep the Chunin exam going. He put his mark on Sasuke and he has an interest in the development of the young ninja. Everything now has Orochimaru’s shadow over it so it makes the exam that much more tense.

How was the action in Naruto episode 30?

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the animation was during the fight sequences. Sasuke and Orochimaru’s fight was fluid and crisp. That’s what my untrained eye saw at least. The action was better than some of the currently running anime that I’ve reviewed recently.

If this is going to be indicative of what’s to come, I’m excited to see more of the fighting that Naruto is going to dish out. All of the tricks and jutsu that the ninja are capable of make the fighting unique. You never know if someone is landing a finishing blow or if they’re going to be surprised by a copy.

I finished this episode wanting to see more. Fans of action will feel the same.

Was there anything glaringly wrong with the episode?

I’m still surprised by the ineptitude of Sakura again. She’s just a present body. She never contributes anything to the fight. Sakura doesn’t throw a dagger, set a trap or even create a diversion. What’s the point of having her be part of Team 7 when all she does is worry about Sasuke? I thought she wanted to be a ninja? DO SOMETHING!

I also thought the response to the dead test candidates was pretty pathetic. It may just be me but wouldn’t it raise more of an alarm if you found three dead bodies? These are ninja who are supposed to be participating in an exam that were killed prior to the second stage.

Someone very skilled must’ve taken them out. That means all of the candidates are at risk. I would expect to see the senior ninjas show a little more urgency in dealing with the situation. Anko seems to be the only one that understands what’s going on. She at least tried to put a stop to Orochimaru.

Is Naruto Episode 30 Worth Watching?

Yes. Naruto episode 30 is worth watching. Orochimaru is a credible threat to the village hidden in the leaves and his revelation here is a must watch. We also get a good bit of action over the entire episode. Personally, I really enjoyed watching Sasuke step up and try to fight Orochimaru. Now we’ll just have to see if Team 7 can survive after taking the beating they just did. I’m fully engrossed into what’s going on here.

Now go watch some anime!


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