Naruto Episode 38 Review

Naruto episode 38 does it’s best to follow a pretty tried and true formula. What better way to build suspense then to have one of your protagonists thrown into a fight that they seemingly can’t win. In Sasuke’s case, he’s exhausted, physically impaired and up against an opponent with an unknown ability. How is he ever going to make it out of this one! Please note that there is some sarcasm there, as we already know the future outcome.

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 38?

Not that long ago I switch from watching Naruto over at Netflix to Funimation. The reason was due to the difficulty I was having in getting good screenshots. I’m now regretting that decision because Netflix has the “Skip Intro” button. I can only stand so much of the early 2000’s rock music that comprises Naruto’s intro. It assaults my ears right from the start.

If you couldn’t pick it up from that last paragraph, you can watch this anime over at both Funimation and Netflix. There’s also Crunchyroll and Hulu as choices. You’re also free to search the internet and find any number of free, pirated websites that would just as soon install malware on your device. I’d recommend against going to one of those places though. I think I’ll stick with Netflix going forward.

Watch Naruto Episode 38 at Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 38?

There’s nothing here that any seasoned anime fan will be surprised about. Most people have seen Naruto or at least know enough about it to know that Sasuke is going to end up just fine. I don’t think I’m breaking any news here when I say that the sense of danger is not what it was at when episode 38 first came out. I know that we’re being told a story that Sasuke’s life is in danger, but it’s lost its edge.

That’s not to say that episode 38 is bad. I’m just saying that being able to know what’s coming later dampens the effect of what’s going on now. What’s the point in getting worked up over Sasuke’s fight when I know that he’s still going to be heavily involved going forward? What did catch my interest was the whole narrative surrounding Kabuto.

What is it about Kabuto that caught your interest?

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Kabuto is not one of the main characters. He’s been helpful to Team 7 so far but that was just to collect info for Orochimaru. We know Kabuto’s suspicious and so do several other characters in the Naruto world. What exactly he’s hiding is only hinted at and we’re left to wonder. This is the kind of stuff that I really enjoy and keeps me coming back.

I want to know Kabuto’s full story now. I’m trying really hard not to go to Wikipedia or Fandom and read up on him. What’s this “Old me” that Kabuto referred to. Does it have something to do with his eyes going red during the fight in the forest? The ninja that Naruto ended up knocking out seemed to sense danger prior to that point. Unfortunately, we’re left to find out Kabuto’s secret another day.

What about the Chunin Exam?

Naruto episode 38 did take its sweet time getting to the preliminary fights for the 3rd section of the Chunin exam. I’m also wondering how well the hearing is of everyone present in this episode. There were multiple not-so-secret conversations going on and I’m surprised they weren’t heard by everyone. They all seemed to center around Sasuke too.

That’s something I didn’t really understand. Why is the story assuming that all of the characters are hard of hearing? There’s no way that Sakura and Sasuke’s argument wouldn’t have been overheard by everyone else. I’d also like to assume that at least some of the examinees would’ve heard the Hokage argue with Anko. It’s not exactly like she was trying to be quiet. Anyways, I’ll save the rest of this for later.

Reducing the field of candidates in half is not a bad way to have things go from here. Ninja fights are a lot more interesting after all. I especially like the rules, there are no rules. We should get to see some interesting things to come. Now we just have to see how Sasuke is going to get out of this fight.

What did Naruto episode 38 get right?

You could probably already pick this up from my thoughts on the story. Kabuto’s story here is the highlight of the episode. He’s the mysterious undercover agent with a tragic past. Kabuto’s motivations and goals have yet to be determined. When will we find out about what drives this ninja? I just want to know!

Naruto episode 38 does a good job of making Kabuto out to be a real threat. The Hokage and other ninja from the Village Hidden in the Leaves can sense that something is up. It’s a tense series of moments as Kabuto bows out of the exam and I think it was done well. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of him in the future.

What did Naruto episode 38 get wrong?

I actually think I’ll have more to write in this section just because I covered most of what episode 38 got right before coming to that section. I spoke a little bit about what I thought this anime got wrong but I’ll go more into it here. Is there no discipline in the ninja world? Do ninja just go around blabbing all of their business out loud?

Sakura and Sasuke are having a serious conversation about the curse that Orochimaru put on him during the second exam. Anko is loudly protesting Sasuke’s continued participation in the exam considering the state that he’s in. Has no one heard of discretion? Possibly even keeping their voice down? For a group of people who are supposed to be experts at being sneaky, they sure are making a lot of noise.

It’s actually related to what I’ve found to be annoying in past episodes. The ninja in Naruto sure aren’t concerned about being discreet, unless it fits the story. You’d think they’d try to be consistent.

Is Naruto episode 38 worth watching?

Yes, I believe it is. Naruto episode 38 is a solid anime episode, even after all this time. It’s not perfect, and it’s definitely starting to show its age, but nothing is too bad. I just wish that the ninja in Naruto acted more like, well…ninja. I guess this anime is geared towards a younger audience so that really wouldn’t work out all that well. Anyways, give Naruto episode 38 a shot if you’re interested.

Now go watch some anime!

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