Naruto Episode 42 Review

What would be a fitting end to the fight between Sakura and Ino? Probably exactly what we get here in Naruto episode 42. I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say that the double KO is about the best you could do. The episode has been around for a long time after all. I just can’t see any other way of getting out of this fight in a satisfactory way.

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 42?

If you don’t want to listen to the best that early 2000s rock had to offer for opening songs, go with Netflix. They have an easy “Skip Intro” button that will save your ears. That’s where I watch Naruto and it’s for that reason. I’m even a fan of rock music, but I can’t stand that version of it. It sounds like every other rock band from that time.

Alright, that’s not what this section is about so I’ll get back on topic. You can also watch this anime over at Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu. Of those three, I’d most likely watch at Funimation. Next up would be Crunchyroll and finally, I’d go with Hulu. I’ll tell you why.

Funimation has the English dub, but they don’t have the “Skip Intro” button. That’s the only reason why I picked Netflix over Funimation. Crunchyroll, at the time of this review, did not have the English dub. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, as I prefer the sub version of anime most of the time. For an anime as popular as Naruto though, the English voice cast is top notch and I’d rather listen to them.

Hulu is at the bottom of the pile because even though I have a subscription, I’m still force to sit through commercials. Why go through that if it’s not necessary? There’s no way that I’ll upgrade to Hulu’s premium membership either. I actually think my wife and I will be downgrading Disney+ to cut out the ESPN and Hulu memberships. They just aren’t needed.

Those are your best options. Choose whichever one suits you the best.

Watch Naruto Episode 42 at Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 42?

As I said in the intro, the double KO is the best possible ending for this episode. You really don’t want to see either girl taken out of the Chunin exam, but someone’s got to go. It just ends up being both of them. The path to getting to this point was done well enough that I don’t have many complaints.

It is possible early on to say “Naruto episode 42 made it seem like Sakura and Ino were fighting for hours, but they only really fought for ten minutes! What’s the big deal?” I thought the same thing at first when this happened. Episode 42 did the same plot device that plenty of other anime have done, flash forward a bit to make it look like a lot of time has passed. I was fully expecting Sakura and Ino’s fight to have skipped ahead by a couple of hours.

When this turned out to not be the case, I was actually glad. Naruto episode 42 used a more realistic timeframe for the fight. Have you ever been in a fight or a 1 on 1 athletic competition where you had to defeat your opponent? I briefly did in high school and let me tell you, wrestling someone for a couple minutes was the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done. There’s a reason why MMA fighters and professional boxers take breaks in their fights. To have these two girls competing for ten straight minutes is enough to get them to the point of exhaustion.

How was the fight once we got 10 minutes into the future?

Sakura and Ino’s fight was about what you’d expect. They are both ninja so there’s some sneakiness going on. Ino cuts her hair just like Sakura does to try and make us think that she’s lost her mind. She hasn’t, it was just done to lay down some camouflage for the next attack. I’m glad it was more than just petty banter between two girls.

That’s actually something the story in Naruto episode 42 did pretty well. Never once did I feel like I was watching two incompetent side characters having a meaningless fight. Sakura and Ino finally get to show off their abilities and it’s definitely a positive. They can now say that they’ve provided more to Naruto than a bunch of useless arguing over Sasuke.

What did Naruto episode 42 get right?

The best part of episode 42 was the moment that Sakura and Ino shared after Sakura regained consciousness. The way in which the two girls talked to each other gave the impression that they had a newfound respect for each other. I’d almost say that they became friends again, if it weren’t for the topic of Sasuke coming up again.

It’s always nice when a more serious moment pops up in Naruto. This anime is heavy on the ridiculousness and silliness. That goes with the territory of being a Shonen anime, but still, sometimes it’s hard to watch. When a moment like this does come around, it brings depth to the story that is desperately needed.

Anything else?

I mentioned this when we got to see Sakura in action back in the forest, but it’s nice to see the third member of Team 7 actually do something. I like this Sakura, she actually fights. Her uselessness has been one of my big complaints of the first 41 episodes of Naruto. What’s the point in having a character literally just take up space? It’s like she was just there to swoon over Sasuke all of the time, no matter the circumstance.

The Sakura we see in Naruto episode 42 is confident, strong and has a good fighting spirit. Even when in a pinch Sakura felt like she was capable of turning things around. She was even able to break out of Ino’s mind control. There’s no way Sakura would’ve done that just an episode or two ago. Now there are three full members of Team 7.

What did Naruto episode 42 get wrong?

Naruto’s annoying catch phrase pops back up here. Believe it! Every time I hear those two words come out of his mouth, I want to close my browser and turn off my computer. They’re quickly becoming the two most annoying words in the English language. I thought we had gotten over this but apparently not.

Naruto’s continues use of his “Believe it!” catch phrase just makes him out to be a less likable protagonist in my eyes. The best way to get people to take your words seriously is to back them up with real action and results. Using phrases like “Believe it” or “Trust me” do nothing but raise red flags. I tend to view people like that as manipulative and fake.

“Trust me,” “Believe me,” “Why would I lie to you,” and “I swear” all belong with “Believe it” somewhere far away from a Shonen anime protagonist. I get that Naruto is trying to make its title character out to be over-the-top, but this isn’t the best way to do it. All it does is make me cringe.

Was there anything else that was wrong?

I’ve said this since the preliminaries started, but we need to have some subtitles on the board when the contestants are chosen. Any impact from having two important characters chosen for a match is completely lost. The only emotion I end up having is a little bit of cynicism. Every time this happens my thoughts are “Great! Now if I only knew who that was maybe you’d get a reaction from me.” That’s what the anime is going for. Right?

For all of the time and effort that’s been spent in giving us a good English dub of Naruto, you’d think that we could get some English subtitles as well. It doesn’t have to be everywhere either. We just need them to be in places like this one where it matters to the plot.

Is Naruto episode 42 worth watching?

Yes. Naruto episode 42 is worth watching. There are a few minor annoyances, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Really the negatives are only minor things that don’t really impact the story. The fight between Sakura and Ino is pretty interesting and worth your time if you’re interested in going back and seeing the beginnings of the Naruto story.

Now go watch some anime!

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