Naruto Episode 43 Review

Despite the two fights in Naruto episode 43 being shorter, they’re still pretty interesting to watch. I thought we might get to see the first fatality of the prelims in one of them. Thankfully, that turned out to not be the case but we did get a reason for Rock Lee to show off when it’s finally his turn. Who knew that tensions could run so high among a bunch of teenagers!

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 43?

I’ve tried watching this anime at a couple of different streaming services. So far, the one that I’ve stuck with is Netflix. They have the amazing “Skip Intro” button. You’ll want that in order to skip past the early 2000s rock music intro that’s infecting the current season of Naruto. I’m even a fan of rock music, just not this kind.

If you don’t want to watch at Netflix, your other main options are Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu. Each one has their strengths and weaknesses, it’s really just up to you. For instance, Crunchyroll is great. It’s my go to place for anime streaming, but they don’t have the English dub of Naruto. Typically that’s not a problem, but for Naruto it is.

For Funimation, they have the English dub but they don’t have the “Skip Intro” button at the beginning. I know I could just click on the place in the episode where I want to go, but Netflix makes it really easy. I like easy.

Hulu is down at the bottom of the pile because even though I have a paid subscription, there are still commercials. You have to take the next step up in subscription services in order to watch commercial free. Considering I only got their service as part of Disney+ that’s just not going to happen.

Watch Naruto Episode 43 at Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 43?

After a couple episodes dedicated to their own particular fights, it’s nice to get a couple shorter fights fit into one episode. These are the side characters we’re talking about. They don’t need full length anime episodes dedicated to them when we all know that after this story arc they might not ever come back. There’s no point in dragging out the prelims when all we want to see is Sasuke or Naruto vs Gaara.

For two shorter fights, they were still pretty interesting. Tenten and Temari match was perfect for making Temari out to be an antagonist. She’s just as cruel as her brother, Gaara. It looks like Naruto episode 43 was setting up a fight between her and Rock Lee, which should be interesting.

In the other fight, Shikamaru shows off that he’s a lot more competent than his lazy demeanor shows. For someone who’s always complaining about what’s going on, Shikamaru shows more competence than you’d expect. The way he defeats Kin is unexpected but leaves you feeling satisfied.

Those were quick and vague recaps. Can you give more detailed thoughts?

I’d like to, but anything else I’d write here would just become a recap of what happened. I don’t want to make this review of Naruto episode 43 just that. Yes, it was nice to see Tenten and Shikamaru show off what they could do. It was also interesting to see that Kin’s sound ability threw Shikamaru off his game for a little bit. Finally, the way in which Temari cruelly handled Tenten after their fight was perfect for her character. I was happy with what episode 43 had to offer. Let’s just leave it right there.

What did Naruto episode 43 get right?

Probably the best part of this anime episode was Temari’s build up as an opponent that the entire group from the village hidden in the leaves is going to want to defeat. Tenten appears to be a likable character. She’s mainly just been present during other events in the Chunin exam, but she’s still around. Her teammates respect her, and they’re no slouches when it comes to fighting.

To have Temari try to break Tenten’s back and then toss her to the side like a rag doll was overkill. It’s a simple storytelling trick, but it’s effective. The bad guy, or girl in this case, is going to build up animosity by cheap, underhanded moves like what Temari does here. I know that by the time Temari was done with Tenten, I wanted to see Rock Lee take her down. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait.

Anything else that was good?

Naruto episode 43 did a good job of making me think that Shikamaru was going to lose his fight and end up dead. I got the feeling that he was a one trick pony with his shadow possession jutsu. Losing his ability to locate his opponent was going to end up being fatal. Why would I expect a ninja whose main characteristic is his complaining figure out a way to do something hard?

That wasn’t the case. Unlike Naruto, Shikamaru showed off that he can actually think about what’s going on and use the entire environment to his advantage. The way his fight ended with Kin was unexpected and, in my eyes, a highlight. Good for Shikamaru.

What did Naruto episode 43 get wrong?

If you’ve looked back at any of my recent reviews of this anime you’ll recognize the complaints. Once again we were stuck without subtitles for the board that showed who the participants were. Any emotion that was supposed to come from the surprise pairings was lost completely. All that was left was an empty feeling. It felt like being the only person who’s left out of an inside joke. I don’t like it and it seems like it could be fixed pretty easily.

My other complaint is the amount of talking that was going on. Naruto sure has the most chatty group of ninja that I’ve ever heard of. Episode 43 is no exception. It’s like they want their opponents to know what’s coming so that they can counter-attack. Shikamaru might’ve been the only one that was somewhat decent in deception when he did his trick with the shadow and the string.

Seriously! Why are kids training to become ninja spending so much time dialoguing when they need to be coming up with a way to take down their opponent. Don’t even try to argue that the ninjas are trying to redirect their opponent’s attention. That might happen a time or two, but that’s not what is going on here. I know it’s a lot to ask but just act like ninja for a little while!

Is Naruto episode 43 worth watching?

Yes, Naruto episode 43 is worth watching. There are a few things that annoyed me about this episode, but it holds up pretty well. By this point, Naruto has firmly established itself. That’s both good and bad depending on how you take some of the more unbelievable parts of the anime. I’m specifically thinking of tendency of the characters to talk rather than fight. Who knew ninjas were such orators.

If you can get past things like that, and some ridiculous behavior, then episodes like Naruto episode 43 are really entertaining. I know that I want to see more from the preliminaries. Naruto’s up next too. That should be a pretty interesting anime to see!

Now go watch some anime!

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