Naruto Episode 45 Review

Who expected Naruto to win this fight against Kiba? Go ahead and raise your hand if you did. You did? Well guess what? You and the rest of the world expected Naruto to come out of this fight as the victor. What I personally didn’t expect was to have Naruto episode 45 be the end of the fight. Shonen anime of this time liked to milk things out for as long as possible when it came to a main character fighting. Two episodes of fighting isn’t that bad of a timeframe in comparison.

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 45?

Netflix almost lost me there for a second. If you go back and read some of my past reviews of Naruto, you’ll see that the single biggest reason I chose the streaming giant over the other options is because of the “Skip Intro” button. For some reason, when I hit “Skip Intro” on this episode it would send me back to the beginning of episode 45. That means I had to listen to the first couple seconds of Naruto’s annoying intro music.

I was seriously considering going over to Funimation if this was going to keep up. As it turned out, I think there was an issue with me hitting “Next Episode” on Naruto episode 44 and then trying to skip the intro. Once I backed out of episode 45 and went back in the button worked. Too bad Funimation! You almost had another user.

So we can watch at Netflix and Funimation, where else?

If you don’t like Netflix or Funimation, you can always watch Naruto over at Crunchyroll or Hulu. Be warned, at the time of this writing Crunchyroll only has the subbed version of anime’s favorite ninja. They’re also still their own separate streaming service for now, we’ll see what their future holds with Funimation’s purchase of them not that long ago. It’s possible I might be mentioning only 3 sites in the near future.

Hulu is typically my last choice to watch anime. With the level of subscription I have over there, commercials are interspersed throughout the episodes. Not fun! Who watches commercials anymore? I know I try to avoid them as much as possible. I won’t be getting the higher level of subscription at Hulu so it’s not looking too promising for my usage of the site.

Watch Naruto Episode 45 at Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 45?

There’s something that I have to admit right off the bat, there were a couple of times that episode 45 got me to spontaneously laugh. It wasn’t an extended session of laughing, just a little spurt because of some comment or action. Having moments like this in the middle of a pretty serious fight between Kiba and Naruto is pretty impressive. Naruto episode 45 was even able to transition back to being serious pretty well when it needed to.

It is possible to look at the moments of comedy in episode 45 and think that it took away from the serious nature of the Chunin exam. I actually thought about that after Naruto stopped Kiba’s big attack near the end with a fart. I’m not going to lie, that did cheapen the entire fight a little bit. It was really off-brand for what the anime had shown us for the past episode and a half. If Naruto keeps doing things like this then it will be hard to take anything seriously.

Wait, Naruto stopped Kiba with a fart?

Yes. It was one of the moments that made me laugh, but it’s also a low point in Naruto episode 45. The story got caught up in trying to be too cute and silly. It just wasn’t the best place to put it. Naruto’s antics would’ve been better left outside of the ring.

There have been plenty of instances where Naruto has given us some stupid humor. You know the kind I’m talking about. It’s the kind that only appeals to middle school age kids. I’m specifically thinking of middle school boys. As a group, middle school boys are dumb and like dumb things. Naruto’s comedy scratches that itch. Naruto’s fart here in episode 45 is a direct appeal to that audience. While I laughed at the spot, because I’m still sometimes as mature as a middle school boy, it wasn’t the best for what was going on.

How was the fight then?

That’s the frustrating part. Naruto’s fight with Kiba was doing a pretty good job of building up Naruto as a serious ninja. He executed a pretty ingenious strategy and had Kiba off guard. You started to believe that Naruto was going to get out of this fight on the winning side. The only thing left was to figure out a way to get his last attack off.

The “Fart Attack” as I like to call it, interrupted the flow of the story. It was an unnecessary addition of stupid comedy. It’s too bad because up until that point the fight was really entertaining. Maybe it’ll be better going forward.

What did Naruto episode 45 get right?

I think the best part of episode 45 was Naruto’s strategy for throwing off Kiba and Akamaru’s attack. I was expecting Naruto’s little ploy to get found out. What I was not expecting was that Naruto was going to transform himself into Akamaru after getting hit. It’s like he knew what Kiba was going to do and set a trap. Now that’s thinking like a ninja!

This moment, more than any other in this anime so far, made me believe that there was hope for Naruto to achieve his goal of becoming Hokage. If he can continue learning and getting stronger who knows what we’ll see from him. Well, I think everyone already knows the answer to that at this point but I still wanted to say it. Good job Naruto!

Didn’t something else make you laugh?

Yes, it’s related to the moment I just mentioned and I think it’s an example of how humor could be introduced to the fight. After Naruto’s big trick is revealed, Kakashi let loose with a comment that basically equated to “what do you expect from the class clown?” I don’t know if it just caught me at the right time or what, but I couldn’t help but laugh. It was comment that couldn’t help but make you smile while also not demeaning what was going on.

With this comment, Naruto episode 45 helped shape the perception of how it’s protagonist’s past has helped shape the way he fights now. Naruto was always getting into trouble by doing things to trick people. Don’t forget that he even caught Sasuke in one of these tricks early on. Now he’s just using his tricks in a fight.

Kakashi’s comment ties Naruto’s past in with his present. “Of course Naruto would use his ability to manipulate his clones to get the upper hand in a fight! He’s been doing stuff like that for years!” That’s the thought that comes to my mind after hearing Kakashi and it’s why this moment of levity fits.

What did Naruto episode 45 get wrong?

I’ve already mentioned how I don’t think the “Fart Attack” did episode 45 any favors. I’m not going to go into it any more, but I do think that it should at least be mentioned in this section. I’d say that Naruto’s fart is by far the biggest thing that this anime episode got wrong. It just killed all the momentum that had been building since the start of episode 44.

Besides that, Naruto episode 45 continued the bad habit of having ninja talk too much before attacking. Why would you telegraph an attack when the stakes to your fight could be your life? Thankfully, Kiba has done a pretty good job of keeping his mouth shut. He does make the mistake a time or two in this fight though. One of them is near the end when it looks like he’s about to land a devastating blow. If I remember correctly, it’s right before he suffers from Naruto’s gas attack.

I think at this point I just need to accept that Naruto isn’t going to change this problem. I understand that there has to be dialogue in order for us to understand what’s going on. It just seems unrealistic for fights to contain this much talking. I’m hoping that things change a little bit as we get further into Naruto. I’ll just have to find out as we get there.

Any last thoughts?

There’s one more thing that I want to mention that doesn’t really fit in with the sections that I have above. There’s a moment in Naruto episode 45 where Kiba bites his hand until it bleeds that should look familiar to just about anyone that watches anime. That’s right! Kiba bites his hand just like Eren Jeager from Attack on Titan does. I guess I should say that Eren Jeager bites his hand like Kiba, but Eren made it famous.

I was almost expecting Kiba to transform into something else but that was not the case. While the animators from Attack on Titan might’ve gotten inspiration for the move from Naruto, they actually made sure their hand biting meant something. I was a little disappointed to see nothing important come from Kiba’s act of self-harm. What was the point?

That’s it! I just wanted to mention this because I think there are a lot of anime fans who would appreciate the similarity between the two anime. I don’t know if Kiba’s hand bite inspired a much more famous one in Eren’s, but it’s where my mind when when I saw it. Now back to the main review!

Is Naruto episode 45 worth watching?

Naruto episode 45 isn’t a perfect anime episode, but it’s still worth watching. Overall, I enjoyed seeing Naruto win his fight against Kiba. He’s turning into a pretty decent ninja. It’ll be interesting to see where Naruto goes from here. Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Now go watch some anime!

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