Naruto Episode 46 Review

It’s time for a good old fashioned family feud! Only this time the two family members are going to try and destroy each others internal organs with their chakra. That’s the premise of Naruto episode 46 and it pulls off a pretty decent episode despite being heavy on narration and exposition. Can Hinata survive this fight with her cousin Neji? At least we’ve been made to care about the outcome.

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 46?

If you didn’t know, Naruto is one of the most popular anime out there. If you’re at this site reading this review then you probably already knew that. Because it’s so popular, there’s no shortage of places that want the rights to stream every episode. You could say that this anime is a hot commodity.

I like to watch Naruto over at Netflix. They have the English dubbed version as well as the all important “Skip Intro” button. It may seem small, but being able to get past the opening credits with one click and no guesswork is a convenience that sways my opinion. Netflix has made an “Easy” button and I appreciate that.

If you’d rather go somewhere else, you can always find this anime over at Funimation. They also have the English dub but you’ll have to bypass the opening credits yourself. Really, that’s the only difference between the two sites. If it weren’t for Netflix’s “Skip Intro” button, I’d probably be watching here.

What are some other options?

Another option that’s out there, but is not quite as good as the first two, is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll only has the English subbed version of Naruto, not the dub. If you’re fine with that then Crunchyroll is a perfectly acceptable place to watch. Normally this is the site that I watch most of my anime on, it’s just not the best place to watch this one.

Finally, you can go over to Hulu if you really want to. Hulu is last on my list because it requires you to purchase the premium membership in order to get rid of commercials. All of the other sites I’ve mentioned are commercial free with the most basic streaming package. Why would I pay a similar amount of money per month and choose to sit through several commercial breaks? That just seems silly. You can if you want though.

Watch Naruto Episode 46 at Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 46?

I could start out this section of all of my Naruto reviews and say the same thing. “Longtime fans of anime will recognize the story elements that are at play here.” Really, Naruto episode 46 gives us the standard weak character finding their resolve story. It’s a good thing that it’s done pretty well. Otherwise the entire episode would’ve suffered.

What we get is Hinata vs. Neji. They’re both from a very distinguished family in the village hidden in the leaves. Hinata is from the main branch of the family while Neji is from one of the peripheral ones. We’re told that there’s some friction within the family so this showdown has some of that drama behind it. There’s also Hinata’s backstory that comes into play. You know, the standard stuff.

What does all of this mean for us?

When you put all of this together in Naruto episode 46 you basically get an episode where Neji is telling his cousin to forfeit the match. In Neji’s eyes, Hinata is only there because she didn’t want to disappoint her teammates. She isn’t really cut out to be a ninja in the first place. Neji holds Hinata in contempt and wants her to get out of the way before she gets hurt. Neji is condescending in his tone and doesn’t hold back. The trouble is, he’s not really wrong about a lot of what he says.

The only point that Neji can be challenged on is his view of how people can’t change who they really are. This irks Naruto to the point where he finally lashes out in support of Hinata. Hinata, with her crush firmly in her corner, finds some resolve and the match starts. We then get an exposition on how Hinata and Neji’s family fights. It’s a decent enough story, even if it’s been done a million times since Naruto episode 46 came out.

What did Naruto episode 46 get right?

If it was the goal of this anime episode to make Hinata out to be a sympathetic character, which I believe it was, then it accomplished that goal. We got to see just how poorly Hinata’s family views her. Despite the fact that she’s the firstborn member of her family, Hinata’s father tosses her aside. That’s how I interpreted the flashback scene anyways.

I don’t know how else you would describe Hinata’s father telling Kurenai that his eldest child is in her care despite Kurenai’s warning that by becoming a Genin, Hinata’s life could be cut short. You wouldn’t expect that a father would want their eldest child to risk their life. Hinata’s supposed to lead the household later, right? I interpreted this as Hinata’s father putting her in a situation where she will be killed off and forgotten about. That’s pretty rough.

In the present day, Neji’s condescending attitude towards his cousin is no better. Hinata is kind and gentle. She does lack confidence. All of that is true, but Neji doesn’t need to twist that into a fatal character flaw. He’s also mistaken in his opinion that people can’t change who they are. By the time he’s done with his speech, all you want to see if for Hinata to shut up her older cousin.

Anything else?

I felt like the exposition in Naruto episode 46 was done pretty well. We’ve all experienced anime episodes that drone on and on about the backstory to a fight or how a character’s fighting style is unique. Many times, the explanation that’s meant to bring depth to a fight just takes away from what’s going on. I don’t always care that a character’s fighting style is uniquely brutal if most of the time is spent telling me how savage it is. I want to see it in action.

For Hinata and Neji, we were given just enough of an explanation. It probably helped with having that explanation come from Guy and Rock Lee. They’ve already earned our respect by demonstrating that they’re competent fighters. Well, at least Rock Lee has. I can only assume that Guy is as well considering he’s a senior ninja.

With the two accomplished pugilists telling us how the Hyuga family’s taijutsu works, you really got a sense that it was dangerous. If you’re wondering, the attacks damage the vital organs via the chakra network. We’re not dealing with the normal physical attacks. Hinata and Neji’s fighting style could be far more deadly.

What did Naruto episode 46 get wrong?

I’ve griped about this ever since the preliminaries have started but it was a big problem in episode 46. When the selection board doesn’t have subtitles, we lose a lot of the emotion behind the moment when the next combatants are revealed. Hinata and Neji’s selection is probably the most egregious example of this.

Hinata had just been warned by Akamaru that if she was put up against Gaara or Neji, she needed to forfeit immediately. Akamaru doesn’t hold Hinata in contempt like her cousin does, but he still is concerned for her safety. Team 8 got to see Gaara in action, so they know how merciless he’ll be, but Akamaru apparently knows Neji’s feelings as well. He doesn’t want to see his teammate die.

When the next two combatants are revealed and the dramatic music starts, we’re left to wonder exactly who is paired up. All of the serious looks lose their value as we’re left to guess who’s up next. I guess what I’m saying here is that Naruto episode 46, like all of its predecessors, have a piece missing when it fails to tell us who’s up next to fight. Why have an English dub if you’re not going to do stuff like this?

That’s really my only complaint with how things went here in episode 46. I liked just about everything else. I guess you could say that nothing else really bothered me.

Is Naruto episode 46 worth watching?

Yes. Naruto episode 46 is worth watching. I was pleasantly surprised how much i enjoyed this one. I thought coming in that we were going to go back into the silliness that permeates this anime. We got past Naruto’s fight after all. Isn’t it now the time for him to go back to his goofy self?

That’s not what we get and I’m glad. I’m also happy that Hinata is presented as more of a serious character. She came off as creepy just an episode or two ago. I’m all for her gaining confidence and putting up a good fight against her cousin. She might not win, but she can at least gain a little respect from everyone. Naruto episode 46 has reignited a desire for me to continue watching this anime at least for a little while longer.

Now go watch some anime!

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