Naruto Episode 47 Review

Well, I wasn’t expecting that from Hinata. I also wasn’t expecting her to be carried out on a stretcher without a pulse. I’m surprised Naruto is being so calm considering he potentially just saw one of his classmates killed. Ok, I know that Naruto episode 47 didn’t just kill off Naruto’s future wife, but audiences back in the early 2000s didn’t know that at the time. I’m just a little shocked that we just got what we got.

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 47?

You can watch this episode of Naruto over at Netflix. That’s where I like to watch it. Why do I choose Netflix over a site dedicated specifically to anime? That’s easy! It’s all because of the “Skip Intro” button. Netflix has made it easy to get past the awful intro music that hits my ears every time I press play. Really, I can’t stand the opening theme song so I’m happy to get past it as fast as possible.

If you don’t want to watch at Netflix, Funimation is your next best option for streaming Naruto episodes. They’ve got the English dub available. They even have a more logical season layout for this anime. If it weren’t for the all-important “Skip Intro” button this is where I’d watch. Maybe Funimation will get on that after they figure out how to integrate Crunchyroll into their business.

Who else carries it?

Speaking of Crunchyroll, they too have Naruto in their library. Unfortunately, they only have the English subbed version. Usually that’s not an issue for me, but for a select few anime I’d rather watch the dub than the sub. Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, BLEACH and Naruto are just a few anime on that list. I’d even prefer One Piece in English but would be fine with watching the newer episodes with subtitles. Because of this, Crunchyroll is my third option.

Down at the bottom of the pack is Hulu. With the level of subscription I have at Hulu I’d still have to sit through commercials at regular intervals. Why would I put myself through that when there are perfectly acceptable streaming services that don’t have that same issue? I’m not going to voluntarily watch commercials if I don’t have to. Hulu still carries Naruto, so you should at least be aware of it.

Watch Naruto Episode 47 at Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 47?

It was a bit more brutal than I thought it would be. I never for one moment thought that Hinata was going to find some inner strength and defeat her cousin, but I didn’t expect this. I’ll actually mention it in one of the other sections but there was a moment when Naruto episode 47 actually seemed to mock the typical Shonen trope and had Neji cut off Hinata’s big comeback. I’m surprised this anime went this far.

I would like to commend episode 47, though, for successfully changing how we look at Hinata going forward. Whenever Hinata has been given some screen time, she’s always been shy, timid and just kind of “there.” The only noticeable quality of Hinata was that she had a crush on our title character. Other than that, she was just around, not really doing anything. Sakura was even more useful than Hinata.

Now Hinata can hold her head up high that she didn’t quit even when faced with an opponent that was out of her league. Hinata showed the same determination that’s typically reserved for only the main characters of a Shonen anime. I like it. I came away from Naruto episode 47 thinking that Hinata might actually make something of herself.

What else went on?

I’m not sure if episode 47 meant to make Neji out to be a bad guy, but it sure did come close to doing that. I even thought Rock Lee was going to end up fighting his teammate. I thought the participants from the village hidden in the leaves would at least not try to kill each other in this exam. I’m a little confused here on this point.

I understand that Neji is unhappy about his lot in life. By not being born into the main family of the Hyuga clan, he’s never going to achieve the same status as Hinata and her sister. Despite his exceptional abilities, he’s always going to be a peripheral character. I just don’t get why he’s trying to take all of those frustrations out on Hinata. Is Neji using the exam as an excuse to kill her? I don’t know how I feel about that.

Whatever the reason, Neji comes off almost like Gaara. I can see why Akamaru warned Hinata about both of them prior to her fight. Neji is almost as ruthless as Gaara is.

What did Naruto episode 47 get right?

I’ll start with a moment I briefly mentioned earlier. Just about every Shonen anime has the same type of situation happen to one of the main characters. They’re in a fight against a stronger opponent and the situation looks grim. Everything points to the main character failing. All that changes in an instant.

Suddenly the music changes, the main character shows a never-say-die attitude and they pull off some amazing comeback. Sometimes there’s even a hidden power involved. Sound familiar? It’s happened in Naruto already a couple of times.

Hinata was in the midst of having one of these moments when Neji just completely cut her off. Everything was pointing towards Hinata pulling off a miracle upset until her cousin brought in a dose of reality. It was a refreshing turnaround.

Are you saying you enjoyed watching Hinata get beaten down?

No, I didn’t enjoy watching Hinata suffer more. What I’m saying is that I’m glad that Naruto episode 47 did something that’s a little bit different. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Once everything started to trend in Hinata’s way I could feel myself saying “Here we go again!” Naruto has conditioned me to expect the good guys to always find a way to win.

When that expectation was shattered by Neji’s punch, I felt a sense of relief. Naruto showed me that they’re willing to spice things up from time to time. This isn’t just going to be your straightforward Shonen anime all the time. Considering there’s still over 170 episodes in this first part of the Naruto story, I’m glad for that.

Besides this point, I had in my notes that I thought Hinata’s determination was a high point. I’ve already written about that plenty in this review. There’s no point in repeating myself, but I will say that I did enjoy watching her transformation. She’s no longer just a timid, weak character.

What did Naruto episode 47 get wrong?

The biggest part of episode 47 that bothered me was all of the flashbacks and sentimentality leading up to Hinata’s final defeat. I get it. Despite being born into a well established family Hinata is viewed as a failure and is an outcast. I don’t need to see a million scenes showing me how hard she had it. There comes a point where it’s overkill.

I think I just got to the point where I wanted to say “Hinata’s got a sad story. I’ve got it. Let’s move on with things.” The emotion that Naruto episode 47 wanted to convey had been successfully done but it wanted to continue telling the story. We needed the scene from Monty Python where the army yells at the narrator to “Get on with it!”

That’s really my only gripe with episode 47.

Is Naruto episode 47 worth watching?

Yes, Naruto episode 47 is worth watching. This episode could be a little tough to watch considering that Hinata ends up getting carted off on a stretcher without a pulse. Neji beat her up really bad. Hinata had to go through something like that to get us to change our view of her, but it was still hard to watch. At least we got to see the moment when Naruto starting taking notice of Hinata. Their love story has already started, even if the two of them don’t know it yet.

This anime episode is perfectly fine to watch. I’d think that the majority of anime fans would appreciate it for what it is. Even the fact that it’s almost 20 years old doesn’t take away from it. It’s aged pretty well. I’ve got no problems recommending Naruto episode 47 to anyone who wants to give it a try.

Now go watch some anime!

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