Naruto Episode 52 Review

I’ve been dreading this episode. Now that it’s time for the review, I’m dreading that too. Why? Because Naruto episode 52 is a filler episode. Like just about every other anime fan, I hate filler episodes. Not only is it a filler episode, but it’s also a training one. At least this wasn’t a beach episode. Those are a complete waste of time. Let’s get this over with…

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 52 Review?

In my opinion, the best place to watch episode 52 is Netflix. They’ve got all 220 episodes available and also have the all important “Skip Intro” button. I’ve said this before, but the OP for this season of Naruto is a perfect example of the bad rock music that was so prevalent in the early 2000s. The faster you can get past it the better and Netflix makes that easy.

If you don’t mind the OP, you can always watch Naruto over at Funimation. They also have all 220 episodes in both the English sub and dub. The only reason I’m not over there is because of that “Skip Intro” button. Really, that’s the only reason why I would choose Netflix over Funimation.

What are the other options?

If you’d rather watch the English subbed version and you don’t have a subscription to Netflix, Crunchyroll is a very good option to use. They only have the sub, but that’s not the worst thing in the anime world. I prefer to watch the sub unless it’s one of the few anime that I enjoy watching the dub. Naruto is one of those anime.

Finally, you can also watch Naruto at Hulu. This is always my last option when it comes to watching anime. Hulu requires you to watch commercials if you have the lowest level of membership. I’ve got Hulu as part of Disney+ so I’m in that lowest level of membership. Considering there’s a lot more anime available elsewhere, I won’t be upgrading. Why would I willingly sit through commercials then? It is an option, so it might be the best for you.

Watch Naruto Episode 52 at Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 52?

I don’t know what you want me to say here. It’s a filler episode so most of the story really doesn’t matter. Naruto is put under Ebisu to learn the fundamentals of chakra control. Naruto obviously isn’t too thrilled about this because Ebisu is the one who caused him issues back in episode 2. We’ve come a long way since then and thankfully episode 52 is not a complete regression back to those days. I was expecting the worst once I saw Ebisu.

That said, Naruto episode 52 is pretty much one big game of tag between Ebisu and Naruto. If that excites you, you’ll be thrilled with this episode. There was also a big introduction at the end, but we’re not supposed to know who that is right now. I’m going to feign ignorance at this point. Even I know who that is despite the fact that I haven’t seen Naruto all the way through. If you don’t know who I’m talking about then you’ve been living under a rock.

How was Ebisu’s training of Naruto?

Considering the majority of Naruto episode 52 was Ebisu chasing down Naruto and trying to teach him how to walk on water, it wasn’t that bad. You could tell that Ebisu respects Naruto a little bit more while Naruto was impressed that Ebisu could easily chase him down. From that point we got to see Naruto improve. I’m hoping that this is signs that things are going to improve between the two.

That might not happen, considering how things ended up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ebisu’s time with Naruto end here and the guy riding the giant toad take over. Why else would he be introduced at this point? I think that would be a little bit of a disappointment considering how Ebisu and Naruto’s relationship was starting to go. I got the real sense that Naruto was going to come out a much better ninja because of Ebisu.

What did Naruto episode 52 get right?

The part that sticks out the most to me was Ebisu’s realization that Naruto is actually a good influence. When we last saw Ebisu in episode 2, he was chasing around a rambunctious Konohamaru. Konohamaru ended up getting punched by Naruto and that kicked off the young boy’s admiration of Naruto. Naruto ends up changing Konohamaru’s temperament and influences the boy to work hard to become a ninja.

Ebisu catches on to this during a training session with Konohamaru. He notices Konohamaru working hard and asks him when he’s going to launch a sneak attack against his grandfather again. Konohamaru says that childish behavior is in his past. He’s focused on working hard to become an excellent ninja. This is all thanks to Naruto. It’s a feel good moment to see that Ebisu recognizes this.

That’s the kind of stuff that I want to see in an anime. The main character winning someone over because of how their actions influenced others. Not in an overt way either. I prefer these changes to be subtle and take some time. Scenes like this one help connect what’s going on in the anime to the real world.

What did episode 52 get wrong?

The biggest issue I had with episode 52 is that it’s filler. It’s like we took a step back into the time when Naruto was a silly anime. Forget everything we just saw, now this is an anime for children under the age of 13. That’s a step back, in my opinion. I’d rather continue the story of the Chunin exam in a more serious manner.

You could even introduce Ebisu as Naruto’s trainer in a more serious way. Maybe change up the music, have Kakashi be less air-headed or have Naruto take Ebisu more seriously. I don’t know, I’m just throwing ideas out there. The problem I have is right from the start Naruto episode 52 doesn’t take itself seriously, so I don’t take it serious.

How well did Naruto episode 52 age?

Episode 52 is in line with most of the rest of the anime episodes from this season. The animation is dated, but not bad. Visually you can tell that Naruto was made years ago but it’s not painful to watch like really old anime can be. There are signs that things are about to get better, which is nice, but we’re not there yet. When I pick Naruto back up I’ll be interested to see if there’s a jump in quality.

From the story’s perspective, Naruto is starting to hit its stride. I’d forgotten about the silliness that infected the beginning of the anime until episode 52 brought it back up. In that sense, Naruto episode 52 doesn’t age well for me. That probably has more to do with me being out of the target demographic than anything. I also don’t have a well of nostalgia to draw from. If you’re an early teenager now or spent your childhood watching Naruto, you might not mind it as much.

Overall, episode 52 has aged fairly well. You can watch it without cringing at the production quality. I do that every time I watch an anime back from the 1980s. It’s unfortunate but true.

Is Naruto episode 52 worth watching?

It depends. I know that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but it’s the truth. Naruto episode 52 is worth watching if you’re going through the series’s beginning and you want to get the full experience. I’m glad I watched it because of this reason. I know that the big introduction at the end has a purpose. Skipping the anime episode would mean skipping that important moment.

Naruto episode 52 is not worth watching if you’re wanting to just pick up a random episode for nostalgic reasons. Not much really happens here. Go back and watch Rock Lee’s fight with Gaara or the fight between Orochimaru and Sasuke. There’s plenty of other Naruto moments that are more important than what’s presented here. I’m sure there will be plenty in the future that are even better as well.

I hope that answers your question! Now go watch some anime!

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