Naruto Episodes 31-33 Review

I’m cheating a little bit here with my review of Naruto episodes 31-33. I guess it’s better to say that this is the result of me trying to stack habits. I love to watch anime but I also need to exercise. I’m more likely to exercise if I can do so while watching anime. If I’m exercising, I’ll get through more than one anime episode at a time so I’ll end up with reviews like this one.

Naruto Episode 30 Review

The key to watching an anime while working out is to find one that’s dubbed in your native language. I was going to start watching Kingdom season 1 but it was going to be too difficult to read the subtitles while jogging. I have to watch from my phone while on the treadmill so there’s no hope that I’ll be able to read on that tiny screen.

How’s the story in Naruto Episodes 31-33?

I’m sure you’ve experienced this before. An anime character is in trouble and they get bailed out at the last second by the arrival of one of their allies. Typically that only happens once, but in Naruto episodes 31-33 it seems to happen over and over again. It makes sense here, but it is a little much.

There is a lot going on here that will keep you interested. Rock Lee shows up and shows off the move that was hinted at before the Chunin exam. We get to see a little bit of the backstory behind Sakura and Ino’s rivalry. It’s nice to see the two girls reconcile to some degree.

Because of all of the interruptions during these three episodes, we get to see a lot of interesting jutsu. Ino’s team has some pretty dangerous abilities if they’re able to get the jump on their opponents. It just seems like they lack the killer move that can take advantage of it. The ninjas from the Land of Sound have their own interesting techniques but appear to be too arrogant to get their job done quickly.

Of course the big takeaway from Naruto episodes 31-33 is what happened to Sasuke. Whatever Orochimaru did to him let Sasuke get access to a tremendous amount of power. It appears that this will be the start to Sasuke heading down a dark path. Will his drive for revenge lead him down an evil path? Good thing there’s only hundreds of more episodes to go to find out!

What was the highlight of these three episodes?

I was actually really excited to see Sakura actually do something for a change. She may not have taken down all three of her adversaries with some hidden, unknown potential, but her actions allowed other ninja the time they needed to jump in. I’ve been complaining about Sakura’s uselessness from the beginning so I’m glad she finally stepped up.

I was also happy to see that Sakura pulled back Sasuke from the brink. It’s the same move that’s used in The Rising of the Shield Hero when Raphtalia brings Naofumi back to sanity. Sakura just did it 15 or so years before. It’s like she’s the sanity for Team 7.

Were there any glaring problems with Naruto Episodes 31-33?

I mentioned this in the past but I think it can be repeated here. There’s an awful lot of talking going on between ninjas. I thought the whole idea was to strike when you’re opponent isn’t looking? You know, the whole “Silent Assassin” thing.

I understand that there has to be dialogue for the anime to reach it’s audience. Without that it’s impossible to get people to buy into your characters. I just felt that if the ninjas from the Land of Sound were really motivated to get their job done they would’ve killed Sakura right away.

Are Naruto Episodes 31-33 Worth Watching?

I enjoyed watching these anime episodes. Naruto episodes 31-33 gave us a lot of interesting things to think about. Now Sasuke has an internal power that could potentially consume him. Orochimaru also has his sights set on the young ninja. This feels like the introduction of a story that will drive Sasuke’s future for a while.

When I look back at these three episodes as a whole, I can say that it looks like the goal was to portray the ninjas from the village hidden in the leaves as a unified team. They may all be competing against each other, but they’re not going to allow their fellow ninja to die. I really enjoyed that part.

Overall, I’m happy with what was presented here. Naruto episodes 31-33 were fun to watch and I look forward to seeing more.

Now go watch some anime!


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