Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 11 Review

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 11 - Rem as a child

Subaru is going to end up with a harem at this rate.

Everyone’s got their baggage. Rem is no different and what we see in episode 11 helps us understand why she has such an inferiority complex. It also helps us understand why she so easily falls in love with Subaru by the time that everything wraps up. For someone who just went on his first date he’s quite the lady’s man.

The flashback to Rem and Ram’s childhood is effective in what it’s trying to do. Twins were forbidden in the demon village that the girls were born into and their lives were only spared because of Ram’s incredible aptitude for magic. Because of this Rem was subjected to comments and criticism about her obviously lesser abilities.

Rem carried that guilt with her all the way to current events and tried to prove herself by going up against Ulgarm by herself. It’s an easily relatable situation that gets remedied pretty quickly by Subaru. He has the tendency to say the right things at the right time. After what we saw in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World episode 11 I think it’s safe to say that Rem won’t be trying to kill Subaru anymore.

One part of episode 11 that I think can be used to greater effect going forward is the uncertainty of if Subaru actually makes it through his ordeal. We know that he resets after death and he’ll find himself about a day’s worth of time in the past. What we’ve seen in his time at the Roswaal mansion is that he ends up waking up from his sleep.

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 11 - Subaru waking up and talking with Rem

That’s exactly where Subaru wakes up after the events in the forest. I wondered for a little bit if he had actually died while Rem was crying while laying on top of him. He even says the line “This again? I suppose I should be used to it” as the screen blacks out. For just that brief period of time I wondered if he was going to have to go through that whole ordeal all over again.

Subaru successfully makes it through though and makes Rem fall in love with him even more. He even gets his date with Emilia. Things are looking up for the happy-go-lucky boy who got brought to another world. Good for him.

Is Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 11 Worth Watching?

Yes. Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World episode 11 is worth watching. This episode wraps up the events at the Roswaal mansion while also giving us a little hint at what’s to come. It feels like Subaru has stepped into something that he’s not quite prepared to deal with.

This really is a heartwarming anime episode that does nothing but improve Subaru’s image as a genuinely good guy. I really enjoyed watching him finally get over the hump of the shaman’s curse, even if it took him a couple of tries. I’m sure that will be a recurring theme as the anime progresses. I think most audiences will enjoy watching this episode so go ahead and give it a shot.

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