Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 2 Review

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 2 - Subaru after coming back from death
Subaru after using return from death

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World doesn’t follow the typical Isekai formula and that makes this anime refreshing, at least that’s what the first two episodes have shown us.

If you’ve payed attention to Isekai anime stories over the past several years, you’d assume that if you were taken to another world yourself that you’d end up with some amazing powers to start. You would have no issues navigating society as you’re the most powerful person around by a long shot. There also wouldn’t be any issue with money as you’d either have a ton or would be able to earn some right away.

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World doesn’t do that. We don’t even have a protagonist that’s incredibly smart and can figure his way out of a situation after the first try either. We get Subaru Natsuki, an average boy who has the capabilities of just about anyone else. There’s nothing special about him except that when he dies, he can reset events.

It even takes him three tries to figure out that his life is being reset after death. You’d think that he’d figure it out after the first time it happened and definitely after the second. Nope, Subaru is so average that he can’t even fully understand what his power is until he’s died multiple times.

That makes everything Subaru does interesting to watch. Because Subaru doesn’t have all of the answers, his encounters are unpredictable. This is a welcome change to the Isekai anime landscape as predictability has become a staple of the genre.

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 2 - Subaru negotiating with Felt
Subaru trying to negotiate with Felt prior to the events in the Loot House

In episode 2, Subaru comes across like a completely normal person who’s desperate to change a future that he knows is coming. He mixes intelligent moves with clumsy overestimations to come across as someone who doesn’t really know what he’s doing but who’s trying his best.

As Subaru is slowly able to work events differently, it still seems that fate is conspiring to bring him back to the same loot house with Felt and Rom. Sensing this, Subaru is in a hurry to try and get Felt to trade the insignia for his cell phone before it gets dark. With the young half-elf girl arriving on the scene at the end, it looks like episode 3 will be an interesting showdown.

I’ve also got a hunch that the knight that saved Subaru is going to show up. That much was pretty obvious with how the two left each other in the alleyway. Subaru told Reinhard about the loot house and the look on the knight’s face told us everything we need to know. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that his arrival will allow Subaru to walk away this time. Something has to change Subaru’s fate after all.

Is Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 2 Worth Watching?

Yes. Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World episode 2 is worth watching. If you’ve been hesitant to start this Isekai anime just because you’re tired of the genre, just know that this one appears to be different. The way the story is working itself out is unique. Subaru comes across as a normal teenager who’s just trying to do the best in his current situation.

What that means is sometimes he fails. For an Isekai, that’s almost unheard of. It’s what makes this anime worth watching though. At least that’s what makes the first two episodes worth watching. You’ll have to come back and read more reviews as I get to them.

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