Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 5 Review

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 5 - Subaru about to die
Subaru suffering before he dies again

Subaru just can’t catch a break.

You’d think after his last life, Subaru would’ve figured out how to survive a little bit longer. His idiocy only means that he gets to repeat the day instead of figuring out that something caused his death while he was sleeping. Subaru doesn’t even change up some of the things that he ended up regretting from his previous go of things!

I understand that Subaru is na├»ve and carefree. That’s part of his charm. But you’d expect him to at least learn a little bit from his past experiences. Subaru knows that he only resets after death. He should be able to figure out that he died somehow and it should raise a few questions.

If not, Subaru is destined to trek the hard path through life. I’ve already lost count how many times Subaru has died so far in this anime and it’s only been 5 episodes covering a couple of days. That’s not a good sign for someone who doesn’t want to experience the pain of death each time.

Of course the big question is who’s responsible for Subaru dying. Whether or not he’s been poisoned or is suffering from a dog bite has yet to be determined, but someone is definitely out to dismember Subaru. After watching that ending he should’ve just fallen asleep and allowed himself to be killed again. That seemed far more peaceful.

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 5 - Subaru peeling potatoes
Subaru being a goof while peeling potatoes

While I appreciate how Subaru’s character has been presented to us so far, he’s going to have to become a little more aware of his surroundings if he’s going to be a believable protagonist going forward. I’m not saying he’s going to have to turn into a super genius or anything, I just think that he’s going to have to show a little more situational awareness.

Subaru’s in a new world for some unknown reason. He’s completely unequipped to survive and has somehow lucked into befriending Emilia. In doing so he’s gained access to Roswaal. These two are connected to the high levels of society and could easily help Subaru adapt. Roswaal could even help Subaru in understanding how and why he’s in this situation. That is, he could get access to this if he focuses on more than trying to win Emilia’s affection.

That’s the big takeaway I get from Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World episode 5. Subaru’s idiosyncrasies appear like they’ll make his life more difficult than what it should be. While I’m sure it’ll give us plenty of laughs as Subaru has awkward interactions with the other characters, I can’t help but think of him like a character in a horror movie constantly making the decision that will lead to their death.

Is Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 5 Worth Watching?

Yes. Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World episode 5 is worth watching. For how much I get annoyed by Subaru at times he’s still easy to get behind as a lead character. I also still appreciate that this Isekai is different from others in its genre. You easily forget that it’s in the same category as so many other mediocre anime. I’m actually interested in seeing where the story goes from here.

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