Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 12 Review

I’m confused, did Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12 just tell us that Faria is going to marry the monster of destruction that took over the real Nemo’s body? Was that the human Nemo or the hybrid monster/hero Nemo there at the end? How did Gareth walk off multiple stabs in the back? Do these questions even matter?

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How was the story in Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12?

As you can tell, I’ve got some questions after what episode 12 just gave us. If you’re wondering, when Ellen talks about witnessing a new future at the beginning of the episode I went frame by frame. I wanted to see what exactly she saw. That’s where I found out that Faria and Nemo are supposed to get married.

The other images from Ellen’s vision of the future aren’t all that important. It just shows that the Seven Knights have a future. With that little tidbit of information, the rest of Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12 lost a little bit of suspense. All of the heroic fighting, sacrifices and sense of impending doom were muted.

That’s a shame too because episode 12 did a pretty good job of delivering on a tried and true anime story. As I watched events unfold, I couldn’t help but think “I’ve seen all of this before.” My guess is that you’ll feel the same way too, if you’ve spent any time watching anime. Last second saves, over the top action and emotional moments between main characters, it’s all here.

What did episode 12 get right?

I’m glad we were shown the scene of the encounter between the real Nemo and monster Nemo. It made me a little more sympathetic to monster Nemo. I’m happy to know that the human Nemo tried to save a suffering monster and appears to have allowed himself to be absorbed. That’s at least what I took away from the scene.

With that knowledge, monster Nemo’s whole life is a little more palatable. It also meant that I could watch Nemo at work in Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12 and cheer him on. I mean, even if someone has a checkered past you’ll wish for their success when facing someone evil. Monster Nemo might not be a saint, but Sophitia has to be stopped.

I was also enjoyable to watch Sophitia Akira herself. If you don’t catch that reference I’d have to question if you really like anime or not. Just go watch Akira. Sophitia just finally took the form of what her inner self actually was. She’s a monster, now she looks like one. Well, she did look like one.

Thanks to some pretty good actions sequences, Sophitia was taken down by Faria and monster Nemo. I had a lot of fun watching this. After some slick dodging and slicing off a never ending stream of appendages, Nemo and Faria engage in a beam struggle with Sophitia with the fate of the world on the line. It’s the pretty standard anime stuff. It was pretty entertaining.

What did Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 12 get wrong?

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the predictable story. Once I figured out what was going on, even though Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12 did a pretty good job of telling the story, I began to lose interest. There’s only so many times you can watch the same story play out. I’m going to have to try and mix things up so this won’t happen again.

Besides that, if you go back to my opening paragraph and read some of the questions I raised you’ll get a picture of what I thought was wrong with the episode. Most notably was Gareth. Last we saw him he had been pierced in the back multiple times by Sophitia. Now Gareth is up and kicking with enough strength to bring down a barrier made from destruction energy.

I don’t by it. Gareth’s recovery just in the nick of time is just too convenient. It feels like Gareth shows up here because that’s what’s supposed to happen in the story, not because it makes sense.

Is Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12 worth watching?

If you’ve come this far in the anime, there’s no reason to not watch Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12. If you’re looking at the review and you’re wondering if you want to give this anime a try, just know that this is a middle of the road anime. There are some good things here but there’s nothing special about it.

Check it out if you want to, or don’t. There are both better and worse anime out there.

Now go watch some anime!

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