Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 2 Review

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 2 - Nemo being introduced to the other Successors

I get the feeling that the story to Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor is going to be a pretty standard action/adventure one.

Unfortunately I can’t drone on and on about needing to find a newly airing anime to review. I did that in the last post on Seven Knights Revolution. That’s pretty unfortunate because after watching episode 2 it feels like we’re in store for an out-of-the-box story that is fairly predictable. Because of that I’m going to come into these reviews with a pessimistic outlook on the anime.

Let me be clear up front, there was nothing particularly wrong with what Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 2 presented. It was a solid episode that played out exactly as you’d expect a story like this is supposed to. Because of that, this anime is also facing an uphill climb when it comes to actually being more than average.

Nemo arrives at Granseed and get’s inducted into the student council / seven knights. As you’d expect, the other members were hesitant at first but relented after hearing how Nemo became a successor. Nemo then has an opportunity to prove himself to Jou, one of the other successors. It’s also revealed that the student council president doesn’t fully trust Nemo and his power yet.

It’s like this story came straight out of a handbook or something. “When writing a plot for a story, make sure to include plot elements X, Y and Z. Don’t deviate from this or else your story has the potential for being really bad.”

I know that sounds a little harsh but maybe Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor just got me on a bad day. When I think of other anime that have excelled and I compare them to what we’re seen so far, Seven Knights Revolution just doesn’t stack up. Hopefully it is able to stand above the really bad anime.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 2 - Two headed dragon

Ok, enough of my cynicism. There are some good parts to this anime if you have no issues with a story that is fairly predictable. I’m not completely uninterested in how Nemo is going to make himself fit in in Granseed. He’s already won over Jou with an interesting enough battle against an evil dragon.

That’s one highlight of this anime, the evil beast / monsters are more than your standard anime monsters. The dragon in this episode followed something similar to the hydra principle. Jou cut it into two equal slices and it didn’t die, it just started fighting as if it had two heads. I could watch more of these evil beasts go crazy.

Is Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 2 Worth Watching?

Watching this anime episode won’t be the worst thing you’ve ever decided to watch. The story is logical and follows along as you’d expect. There’s nothing truly unique about the anime so far so you might not find it all that interesting. If you’re fine with a standard plot then you’ll enjoy it. If you’ve seen this type of story before, you might get bored quickly. I’ll leave it up to you to watch or not.

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