Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 6 Review

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 6 Review

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 6 is exactly what you’d expect from an anime with a linear story. If you have any familiarity with action anime story lines, or video game story lines for that matter, you’ll be able to figure out what’s going to happen next. Unfortunately, that means that this anime is going to have a hard time breaking past mediocrity.

I’m not completely against what’s going on here. It’s not like Seven Knights Revolution is doing anything bad. I guess you can say that I’m just not sold on this being anything more than middle of the road. Episode 6 did nothing to change my opinion.

How’s the story in Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 6?

If you couldn’t guess it from my opening two paragraphs, nothing unsurprising happened here. Granseed is a school so they have school activities. One of those activities is a festival with a dance at the end. One of the main components of episode 6 is who is Nemo going to dance with. He’s been asked by both Shirley and Faria.

As you might expect there are other, less important debates over who’s going to dance with whom. Claire wants to dance with Gareth. Jou loves the Miss Sophitia, the librarian, who I still don’t trust. It’s about as high school an episode as possible in this anime about stopping the evil forces of Physis.

Thankfully there are a few hints that things aren’t quite right at Granseed. The big one is what happens to Claire. In trying to be useful to Gareth she goes to the old library and does exactly what you’re not supposed to do. Claire was as dumb as any horror movie character that decided to investigate the killer’s house instead of running far away.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor - Claire approaching the evil looking book

What else is interesting?

The other moments all revolve around Nemo. First, Nemo appears to be completely clueless about everything. Shirley mentioned it in the previous episode, but it becomes more clear here. Nemo is hiding something and his naivety about everything just gives it away. He comes across as a ignorant child or a space alien after Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 6.

The other moment was fleeting but still caught my attention. Nemo’s hero shows up briefly after he has a conversation with Shirley on who they should dance with. Shirley makes the comment that Faria is the only one without an ounce of deviousness in her and Nemo needs to be careful not to break her heart, we see Nemo’s hero glaring. It’s as if he knows something is off.

We know Shirley is a vampire, but after what happened in episode 5 I don’t think that she’s bad. She appears to be someone who just wants to find a place where she can fit in. What’s going on?

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor - Nemo's hero glaring at Shirley

Was there anything glaringly wrong with episode 6?

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 6 may have been fairly standard, but I didn’t see anything particularly wrong with it. The story makes sense so I don’t have any complaints there. Most of the episode is lighthearted and fun so there’s not too much going on to critique.

If I was to criticize one thing it would be how everything ended up with Claire. You expect me to believe that she touched an evil looking book and was able to make it all the way back to the dance before turning into a crystal and falling apart? That’s a bit far fetched if you ask me. It’d be more believable if she never made it out of that basement and the students had to go find her.

Is Hero Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 6 Worth Watching?

Episode 6 falls in the same category as all of the others. It’s not bad but it’s not good. This will be an anime that I forget several months down the road. It won’t show up on anyone’s top 10 list. It won’t be remembered as anything spectacular. Hero Knights Revolution: Hero Successor is just kind of “meh.”

Hero Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 7 Preview

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 7 preview

The fallout from Claire’s death leads the heroes to a volcano. It doesn’t sound like Gareth is going to forgive himself. It looks like there’s going to be some action against what appears to be the evil counterparts for the Seven Knights. That’s just a guess though, but I think the dark eye shadow gives it away. At least there’s some action to look forward to!

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