Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 9 Review

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 9 continues the string of anime episodes that give you a story exactly out of a “How to” book. Considering this anime is based on a video game, I’m going to guess the story in the game is not too complicated either. That said, I still found myself enjoying what was going on in episode 9.

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What do you think of what went on in episode 10?

As I just mentioned, the story here was pretty cliche. If you go back and look at some of my previous posts you’ll see that I had my reservations about the librarian, Sophitia. Something was not right about her and we get to see that here. Now the only question is how long will it take for the Seven Knights to figure it out. Gareth appears to be under her control for the time being.

The other part of the story that was predictable was Nemo. It’s been hinted for a while that he’s not normal and now we get the full explanation. Nemo is a synthetic life just like the other manufactured successors. Amis Germain identifies him as the Son of Destruction. I can only guess that Nemo will have a rough time going forward as Sophitia will be after him.

There’s also the question about what exactly the significance of the “Son of Destruction.” Is Nemo the key to destroying the world? Does he also have the ability to save it from Physis? How should these new synthetic lives be dealt with? Of course Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 9 doesn’t give us any clues into that so we’ll just be forced to keep watching.

What did Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 9 get right?

For being a fairly standard story, at least this anime gets its story straight. Episode 9 didn’t have any glaring plot holes that I can think of. I guess you could raise a question or two about how Nemo escaped Physis and managed to become a student at Granseed, but I’m not too concerned with that. He’s been on a quest to figure things out for himself and it looks like Nemo has chosen to follow the right path.

I’m glad that Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 9 didn’t have a long, drawn out fight with Amis Germain. He’s not the end boss so making him out to be would’ve been a mistake. Nemo blasting him with his arm cannon was a nice ending touch.

Ellen’s intervention in the fight was another highlight. For someone who just goes with the flow, she really has a fantastic ability. It’s too bad that she won’t be able to use it again. Her time manipulation skill could come in handy in the future.

What did episode 9 get wrong?

I understand that Amis Germain used the last little bit of time powder to revive himself, but I still don’t like it. From what we were shown, he lost all of his manufactured time spice. By having him pop up out of the rubble here at the end of episode 9, I feel like the entire fight was cheapened. Why not just have Amis die off? Sophitia is now the big boss to focus on.

Besides that, I don’t have too many big complaints about the episode. You might find the straightforward nature of the anime to be boring, but I can live with it. This isn’t a groundbreaking anime by any means, and if you go into it with that understanding you should be fine.

Is Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 9 worth watching?

If you’ve gotten this far into Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor, yes, episode 9 is worth watching. If you’re wondering if this anime episode is worth it on a standalone basis, no, it’s not worth watching. An experienced fan of anime will be able to figure out this story early on. That might turn some of you away but it can also make things entertaining. Right now, episode 9 is firmly in the “it’s just OK” category, along with all the other episodes.

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With Nemo’s origins out in the open, there’s going to be strife between the Seven Knights. Sophitia is working behind the scenes to make things difficult as well. Episode 10 is going to be one of those “darker before the dawn” stories that make you question if the good guys can prevail. Will the Seven Knights be able to figure things out in time? The only solution is to tune in next week!

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