Top 10 Moments from My Hero Academia Season 1 – 5 Through 1

More My Hero Academia lists! Typing these up is actually pretty fun because I get to relive the exciting moments of the anime that have already past. Sometimes it’s good to go back and get reminded about big moments from the past. Here’s our top 5 moments from My Hero Academia season 1!

5. All Might Arrives at the USJ

My Hero Academia - All Might Arriving at the USJ

Everything we learned about All Might up to this point is that he always saves people with an unshakeable smile on his face. Every time you see All Might in public he’s wearing this smile. It’s part of his deal. He smiles in the middle of a disaster in order to ease people’s fears.

When All Might shows up to the USJ in My Hero Academia episode 11, he’s angry. All Might’s angry that his students have been attacked by villains on U.A. property. He’s angry that he exhausted himself prior to the training exercise and couldn’t be there when the attack happened. He’s angry that his students and coworkers have been pushed to the brink.

It all shows when you look at All Might’s face. Gone is the smile. It’s been replaced by a look that we haven’t seen from him before. The best way I could describe it is if looks could kill, All Might would be a mass murderer. You almost feel sorry for the villains on the other end.

This look coupled with All Might’s arrival at just the right time make this moment epic. We know as the audience that the fight just got taken to the next level. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

4. Midoriya Rushes to Save Bakugo From the Sludge Villain

My Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya rushing to save Bakugo from the Sludge Villain

One thing that all top heroes have in common are stories from their past where they rushed in to help before they even knew what was going on. That’s the perfect way to describe Midoriya rushing to Bakugo’s aid when he was at risk of being overcome by the Sludge Villain. Midoriya hadn’t even been given One For All’s quirk yet and he was still rushing to help his friend.

The Sludge Villain was the worst kind of bad guy. He was willing to try and kill in order to get away. His first attempt at this was on Midoriya but thankfully All Might showed up and saved him. With All Might nowhere in sight and the other pro heroes standing by helpless, it looked like it was lights out for Bakugo.

Unable to stand by and watch Bakugo die, Midoriya did everything in his power to distract the Sludge Villain long enough for help to arrive. Watching this moment gives you the sense of “if only” with Midoriya. If only he had a quirk. If only he was a little bit stronger. If only All Might was around.

All of these “if only” thoughts eventually melt away as Midoriya’s actions spur All Might to go beyond his fatigue. Had Midoriya not done all he could then who knows what would’ve happened.

3. All Might Defeats the Nomu at the USJ

My Hero Academia - All Might defeating the Nomu

I’ve already mentioned that All Might’s arrival at the USJ was one of the top 10 moments of My Hero Academia season 1. When he gets there and starts his fight, he soon realizes that the League of Villains has a monster specifically designed to take him on. The Nomu that Shigaraki brought with him has no issue going blow for blow with All Might even when he’s giving it his all.

What we’re treated to as a result is a perfect excuse for All Might to live up to the “Plus Ultra” motto of U.A. High School. All Might summons all of the strength entrusted to him through One For All and ends up knocking the Nomu through the roof. It’s quite a display of hard-hitting action!

It’s best to just experience this moment for yourself instead of reading about it. I suggest going to watch it now. You can find it in My Hero Academia episode 12.

2. Midoriya Takes Down the Robot in the U.A. High School Entrance Exam

My Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya taking down the robot during the entrance exam

You can tell that All Might is no pro at training others. Right after Izuku Midoriya is finished with his training All Might passes down One For All. Before he has a chance to learn anything about his new quirk, Midoriya has to go take the entrance exam for U.A. High School.

Think about that for a moment. U.A. High School is the most prestigious high school for kids to go to if they aspire to become a hero. Gaining admission to the school is incredibly difficult. Izuku Midoriya is about to face that challenge with a quirk he’s never even activated before.

When it comes to the practical part of the exam, it appears that nothing has changed for Midoriya. All he manages to do is run around while other candidates take out the robots posing as villains. With everyone else racking up points instead of him, Midoriya becomes increasingly more desperate.

Then, all of a sudden, the U.A. staff unleash a monstrous robot that has no value for the students if taken down. Faced with this new opponent, everyone runs away. What’s the point in engaging it if there’s no benefit? There’s only one problem. There’s a girl who’s stuck in some rubble who’s at risk of getting run over.

Instinctively, Izuku Midoriya rushes to her aid. He activates his quirk for the first time, jumps into the air and with one punch demolishes the robot. Not too bad for a kid who just hours before didn’t even have a quirk.

We’re shown images of the U.A. staff in a control room celebrating Midoriya’s actions. It’s a real moment of triumph that will stick in your mind for years to come. As we also find out later, this act is what gets Midoriya admitted to U.A. High School. As All Might puts it in his speech informing his successor, how could a hero school not admit someone who has all of the attributes of a hero?

1. All Might Tells Izuku Midoriya He Can Become a Hero

My Hero Academia - All Might telling Izuku Midoriya that he can become a hero

In my mind there’s no debate over the top spot in My Hero Academia season 1. All Might telling Izuku Midoriya that he can become a hero is the best moment in the first season of the anime. It’s also probably the most emotionally charged moment.

Heroes are the coolest profession around. With a society filled with quirks this profession quickly sprung up as a result of a criminals using their quirks to commit crimes. Becoming a hero has taken the place of being a professional athlete. It’s what every young person aspires to be.

For those without quirks, like Izuku Midoriya, it’s a dream that’s not attainable. How can you fight those who have quirks when you don’t have one yourself? You might as well be one of those extras in an action movie. You’d be destined to be tossed aside the moment the real action began.

The trouble for Izuku Midoriya is that he has his heart set on being a hero. He’s had to bear the burden of being told that his dream is nothing more than that. His confidence and self-esteem have been continually pushed down because of this. Midoriya has created an inferiority complex that is in constant conflict with his drive to be a hero.

All seems completely lost when Midoriya has a chance run in with All Might. After saving Midoriya from the Sludge Villain the first time the two get to talking and the boy asks All Might if he can become a hero. Learning that Midoriya is without a quirk the star hero tells him it’s impossible. It’s just one other person to add on to what Midoriya already knows.

Once the event with the Sludge Villain is over with, All Might changes his view. I won’t rehash what I said in #4 on this list but let’s just say All Might was inspired by Midoriya’s actions. Seeing his spirit, All Might decides to choose Midoriya as his successor. When All Might decides to tell Midoriya that there is a way for the boy to become a hero you can feel the weight of all of those comments over the years start to lift from his shoulders. The emotional impact of All Might’s words are too much and Midoriya starts crying. It’s hard not to get choked up when watching this as his dreams are now within his grasp.

Well there you have it. The top 10 moments in My Hero Academia season 1 – 5 through 1. Be on the lookout for our next list, the top 10 moments in My Hero Academia season 2 – 10 through 6. I hope you enjoyed it!

Now go watch some anime!



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