Top 10 Moments From My Hero Academia Season 2 – 5 Through 1

These are going to be some good ones. At least I think they will be. Remember, My Hero Academia season 2 had the U.A Sports Festival in it. The previous post on this topic had a couple of moments from there and you can expect to see a little bit more here. This was a great anime season and I can’t wait to reminisce about it’s top moments! Here you go!

5. Stain Saves Izuku Midoriya from a Nomu

My Hero Academia - Stain saving Midoriya

Stain is the disillusioned villain who desires hero society to change from the self-centered, self-serving culture it is now back to being a reflection of what a true hero is. Stain believes that heroes should be motivated by justice and not seek monetary gain. Heroes should have pure intentions, fame and fortune should not be associated with the job.

Stain makes it his job to purge the heroes whom he deems unworthy of the title. This means he’s essentially become a hero hunter. One of the heroes who’s taken down by Stain is the older brother of Iida, Class 1-A’s student representative. As a result, the responsibility for carrying on the Iida family tradition of being a hero now falls to him.

Ultimately this leads to Stain having a confrontation with Iida, Midoriya and Todoroki. During their time together, Stain determines that Midoriya is worthy of becoming a hero. In Stain’s eyes, Midoriya has the right motivation and worldview to allow this to happen.

As a result, Stain saves Midoriya when he’s being taken away by a Nomu after their fight has long since been decided. It’s a shocking turn of events as the villain was just in a fight to the death with the three U.A. students. It’s the next part, though, that puts this moment on this list.

Stain’s conviction is so strong that the weight of it paralyzes everyone else there. In this group is the world’s number 2 hero Endeavor. Gran Torino equates it later to the same level of conviction that All Might has for being the Symbol of Peace. If Stain hadn’t been injured from the previous fight then who knows what would’ve happened here. I don’t think that anyone would’ve been able to stop him.

4. Midoriya and Bakugo Pass Their Practical Exam VS All Might

My Hero Academia - Midoriya and Bakugo vs All Might

Mr. Aizawa created the teams for the practical exam in order to force the students to face their weaknesses and grow. Of the teams made, Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo are the two that have the most to overcome. Their relationship has deteriorated to the point that they’re not even talking to each other. Now the pair have to go up against All Might. They seem destined to fail.

The exam starts just about how you’d expect. Bakugo wants to fight All Might while Midoriya wants to run. The two are completely out of sync and All Might starts to take advantage. Eventually the two start to figure things out and the tide starts to turn.

Bakugo didn’t want to run because he knew they couldn’t run from All Might. Similarly, Midoriya didn’t want to fight All Might because he knew they couldn’t beat him. By coming to somewhat of an understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings the two rivals could them face All Might together.

Even working together it’s not easy to take down All Might. Since they don’t actually defeat All Might in a battle I guess you can say that Midoriya and Bakugo didn’t actually defeat him, but they do end up passing the exam. With some quick moves and some self-sacrifice, Midoriya is able to cross the escape boundary with Bakugo in tow. It’s an impressive feat to say the least.

3. Midoriya Picks “Deku” as His Hero Name

My Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya picks "Deku" as his hero name

Katsuki Bakugo has referred to Izuku Midoriya as “Deku” for years. It’s the nickname Bakugo gave Midoriya because he wanted to remind his friend that he was nothing special. Bakugo always viewed the quirkless Midoryia as a pebble on the side of the road, not worthy of being noticed.

Now that Midoriya has successfully started to move towards becoming a hero himself, with a little help from All Might, he wants to change the meaning of the word. Perhaps it’s because Ochaco Uraraka refers to him as Deku, or maybe it’s because Midoriya wants to remember where he came from, but it’s the name that he chooses to be called when doing hero work.

It’s a striking moment during the class that’s dedicated to picking hero names. For the most part, My Hero Academia shows us scenes of Class 1-A having fun coming up with names that represent each student well. Some names work well from the start, like Fropy or Uravity, while others are pretty bland, like Todoroki just using his name. Midoriya showing everyone that he intends to be called Deku sets a high bar for his intentions.

It’s not easy to change the meaning behind a word. Usually it takes a lot of time and continued usage from a large group of people to change a word’s meaning. It is possible, but it’s not easy. Midoriya is stating that he’s going to have that big of an impact. He’s going to become such a force in the hero world that he’ll change the meaning of the word Deku from meaning “useless person” to “you can do it.” It’s quite the statement.

2. Midoriya Wins the Race to Start the U.A. Sports Festival

My Hero Academia - Deku wins the race

U.A. High School prepared quite an interesting obstacle course to kick off the Sports Festival. Giant robots and landmines are just two of the obstacles that the students have to navigate to get to the end and hopefully make it on to the next round. It’s a tough task for someone to complete even with a quirk, trying get to the other side without using your quirk seems to be impossible.

For Izuku Midoriya he’s not able to use his quirk because if he does he’ll be left out of order for the rest of the festival. Midoriya can’t use One For All without destroying his body. This means that he’ll have to use his brain and come up with a strategy to get him to the end.

What Midoriya comes up with doesn’t just get him to the end of the race but it also puts him in first place. Not bad. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try what he did but it ended up working. Who needs a quirk after all?

Midoriya’s big opportunity comes at the last obstacle of the race. The students are tasked with crossing a minefield. With less than lethal mines buried all over the place, students are tossed left and right in hilarious fashion. Midoriya figures out that he can use these mines to his advantage.

Carrying a piece of a robot from the start, Midoriya comes to the minefield and decides to gather as many as he can into a pile. He then jumps on the pile with the piece of the robot and flies through the air like some kind of circus performer. After catching up with Bakugo and Todoroki at the front, Midoriya slams the robot piece on the ground and initiates another explosion to propel him forward.

Izuku Midoriya might be a little bit crazy but it does provide us with some entertaining action. This moment really sets the stage for what to expect from the Sports Festival going forward. This brings us to our number one moment…

1. Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki’s Fight in the U.A. Sports Festival

My Hero Academia - Shoto Todoroki using both sides

This is the most epic moment in My Hero Academia season 2. Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki’s fight in this season is also one of the highlights of the entire anime so far. There’s so much going on here that there’s no way that it couldn’t be an epic moment.

Todoroki is the product of a marriage that was arranged to mix quirks. His father, the world’s number 2 hero Endeavor, married Todoroki’s mother in order to mix his flame quirk with her ice quirk. Todoroki is the successful mix between the two.

Unfortunately Endeavor’s overbearing desire to create a designer child with the ability to become the world’s number 1 hero caused him to treat his family like they’re nothing but objects. His obsession caused neglect and abuse that left deep scars. It also led Todoroki to swear off using his flames in battle.

Sensing his classmate’s inner turmoil, Midoriya attempts to get Todoroki to accept his abilities as his own during their fight. That’s an interesting undertaking because it means that Midoriya would have a harder time winning and advancing. He can’t help himself and eventually succeeds, leading to the epic conclusion of the fight.

Both combatants come at each other at 100% and blow away their teacher’s attempts to stop the fight. The ring is destroyed and all of the onlookers are left amazed at the power that was just put on display. It’s one of those moments in anime that will live on in the memories of the audience for a long time. I know I won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

That’s it! That’s the rest of the list for My Hero Academia season 2! Next up will be the top 10 moments from My Hero Academia season 3 – 10 through 6. Be on the lookout next week!

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