Top 10 Moments From My Hero Academia Season 3: 10 – 6

Another Friday, another My Hero Academia list. This time we’re on to My Hero Academia season 3. Man what a season! There’s no shortages of options so I tried to get some of the best. Remember, these are all subjective. It’s what I think are the top moments. With that said, here are ten through 6!

10. Class 1-A’s Best Room Competition

My Hero Academia - Mineta wanting the girls to come into his room

This one’s probably not in most people’s top 10 but I think it’s worth it. As a result of what happened on the trip to the training camp, all of the students at U.A. High School are forced to live in dorms. Each class has their own dorm and each student gets their own room.

On the first night in the dorm, the girls come up with the idea of holding a room competition. Most of the students decide to join in and its a really good time for everyone. We get to see a peek into the lives of each of the students involved by how their room is decorated.

Deku is an All Might fanboy. Jiro loves musical instruments. Todoroki has a traditional Japanese room. Yaoyorozu struggles to fit her bed into a room that’s the size of a closet in her house. Mineta manages to give off the creepiest vibe he’s ever given. It’s a nice to see Class 1-A have a bonding moment in a season full of craziness and action.

9. Introduction of Deku’s Shoot Style

My Hero Academia - Deku's shoot style

With the news that Deku could potentially lose the use of his arms after the most recent usage of One For All at 100%, he has to come up with a better way to fight. There’s also the realization that he has to make One For All his own quirk rather than just emulate All Might. The solution to all of this is Deku’s shoot style.

If he can’t fight with his arms, then he’ll use his feet. With the addition of extra support in his legs and feet, Deku’s shoot style makes an impressive debut when he arrives just in time to save his predecessor. It catches the attention of everyone and firmly announces that Deku’s back in the hunt for being the top of the class.

It’s also a moment where we see Deku starting to come into his own. He’s no longer just trying to become the next All Might, he’s turning into his own hero. This point is firmly emphasized when it’s All Might that Deku saves. We get to watch the student finally start to come out of the teacher’s shadow.

8. Kota Punching Deku in the Balls

My Hero Academia - Kota punching Deku in the balls

Ok. This one is here just because it was so unexpected and funny. My Hero Academia isn’t known for it’s humor. That’s not the point of the anime. Where My Hero Academia excels is in giving us meaningful stories of students working hard to become heroes. Fights with villains are commonplace and danger is just lurking around the corner.

In this single minded pursuit of becoming heroes, Class 1-A and Class 2-B go to a training camp that’s hosted by the Wild, Wild Pussycats. They’re a hero agency comprised of four members. One of the members, Mandalay, is the cousin and guardian to the young boy Kota. Kota’s parents were pro heroes who were killed by a villain.

Because of this, Kota despises heroes and those who would like to become one. That’s why when Deku comes up to him to introduce himself Kota hauls off and punches him right in the scrotum. It’s unexpected and absolutely hilarious. The visual itself makes it worthy of this list.

7. All For One’s Introduction

My Hero Academia - All For One's introduction

We were given hints back in season 1 that there was a bad guy out there who posed a real threat. If All Might was able to be damaged that badly then you know that the villain must be pretty strong. Eventually we learn more about him. His name is All For One and he’s the polar opposite of All Might.

His actions led to the creation of One For All and he’s the main antagonist of the anime. Up until this point, he’s been a boogeyman who’s been lurking in the shadows. With the rescue of Bakugo, All For One steps out into the open and announces his presence with an amount of force that is on par with All Might’s.

It’s a truly stunning scene. All For One’s presence is menacing and evil. He’s bad though and though and it comes across from the very beginning.

6. Mirio Togata Beating Class 1-A Single Handedly

My Hero Academia - Mirio Togata defeating Class 1-A by himself

Did you think that U.A. High School Hero Class 1-A had the top students in the whole school? If you did then you’d be wrong. The top students at U.A. High School are three third years who are known as the Big Three. Of that group, Mirio Togata is probably the strongest.

The Big Three are brought in to explain work studies to Class 1-A. After failing miserably to do so, Togata decides it would be better to show the first years. He challenges them to a 1 vs All fight. It hardly seems to be a fair fight but Togata doesn’t seem to be too concerned.

What we’re treated to is a one sided beat-down. Togata has no problem taking down the entire class, minus Todoroki and Bakugo, without a scratch. It’s a moment where we realize that the world is still so much bigger. While the top students in Class 1-A might be promising, they still have a lot to learn through actual experience.

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