Top 5 Anime Characters I’d Like to Have on My Side

Anime is full of interesting characters. From the completely outlandish to the incredibly serious. All have their own strengths and weaknesses which lead to many debates within our community about who’s stronger or who’s the better swordsman. Instead of looking at those topics I’d like to present a list of anime characters that I would want to have on my side.

5. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

Ok. I know at this point you don’t think this list is very imaginative. Luffy is one of the most recognizable characters out there and at times it can feel like we’ve been over-saturated with his presence. That still doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be a good ally to have. Even if you take out his fighting abilities for a moment he’s still very useful. He’s a rubber man after all. Think of all of the fun things you can do with that!

Luffy’s other traits would come in handy as well. His mastery of Haki is a great asset when in a pinch. His jovial nature would be pleasant to be around. His childlike behavior would be a little tough to swallow but it’s a minor negative compared to the positives.

4. Kamina – Gurren Lagann

How could I leave off the creator and former leader of Team Gurren off of this list? He’s a passionate leader who’s able to see the best in someone. Here’s always there to encourage others even if that means punching you in the face. His bravado and unyielding desire to push forward would be essential in overcoming obstacles that are sure to get in the way. Despite being killed early on in the anime, Kamina is such a force of personality that his memory and actions drive others on years later.

At one point even his ghost comes back to help the members of Team Dai-Gurren when they’re in a desperate spot against the Anti-Spirals. Even in death Kamina is not truly gone. He’s that forceful of a personality. Thankfully, like Luffy, Kamina possesses an overwhelming sense of positivity which make him a lot more fun to be around.

3. Yang Wen-Li – Legend of the Galactic Heroes

With as much bravado, courage, and sometimes stupidity brought on by both Luffy and Kamina, the group needs someone who can put together a strategy. It also needs someone who’s a little more laid back. Yang Wen-Li fits both of those criteria well. He has the experience of leading a vast armada in battle while also shying away from the fame his victories have brought him.

Yang Wen-Li’s desire to be a historian would match up well with my own background. I get the feeling that the two of us would enjoy spending an evening talking about historical events while relaxing. I don’t think Luffy or Kamina would be up for that. I suspect that they would rather spend all night causing chaos, that’s not particularly my style. They can go out and raise Hell while Yang and I figure out a way to clean up their mess.

2. Vulcan Joseph – Fire Force

You need someone to fix things up right? I first thought of Franky from One Piece but I’ve already got his captain on here. I decided to go with the engineer from Fire Force Company 8. He’s got the pedigree, his family did help design and build Amaterasu. He’s also got the enigmatic personality of an anime master craftsman. His workshop is filled with all kinds of gadgets, mostly with no real use.

If something were to break down I’m confident that Vulcan would be able to either fix it or come up with an invention that works even better. He’s also big on his group being a family so he’d fit right in with everyone else. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have.

1. Goku – Dragonball Franchise

As much as I wanted to come up with a unique pick for this spot I couldn’t bypass the overpowered Saiyan. Goku’s sheer strength make him an asset in any situation. He’s determination and fighting spirit mean he can never be counted out in a fight. If the fate of the universe is at stake there’s no better anime character to turn to than Goku.

On a side note, it would be interesting to see Goku go one-on-one with Luffy in an eating contest. They both can pack away some food. I know, Yang Wen-li can organize the contest, Vulcan can design a mass food delivery system for the competitors, and Kamina can be the hype man. It can be like the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest only on steroids. Who wouldn’t want to buy a ticket to see that?

There it is, there’s my list. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to list them in the comments. I hope you enjoyed the list, now go watch some anime!



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