Attack on Titan Episode 20 Review

Attack on Titan Episode 20 - Commander Erwin
Commander Erwin showing he’s one step ahead

A perfect opportunity slips through the fingers of the Survey Corps. Now the fight is back on with the person who can transform into the Female Titan.

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With the Female Titan captured, Commander Erwin has his men fire off the second and third rounds of harpoons in order to make sure not to let his quarry escape. Commander Erwin has successfully shown us that he’s smarter than 99% of the characters we see across all forms of entertainment. It’s better to be overprepared than to get caught by surprise.

Unfortunately, Erwin did not take into consideration that the Female Titan would be able to call other titans to come eat her. This forces Erwin to sound the retreat. He’s still on guard, though, as the person who was in the Female Titan has yet to be seen.

I found the main point of Attack on Titan episode 20 to be interesting. Commander Erwin was shown to be a man who’s willing to sacrifice in order to advance the hopes of the human race. Likewise, the Female Titan was willing to sacrifice everything in order to not allow her mission to fail. This brings to mind the question “What are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals?”

Attack on Titan Episode 20 - The Female Titan
The Female Titan’s scream

I actually came up against this question about a year or two before starting this blog. It was posed by a business coach radio show that I listen to. The question was asked while also presenting data on how much time is being spent consuming entertainment. Basically, the average American spends what amounts to a full 40 hour work week either watching TV or looking at their smart phone.

What do you think would be possible to do if that time was used for something else? I’ll tell you this, the people who get things done and build successful businesses maximize their time. Personally, I wake up at 4 a.m. in order to have enough time to provide content for this blog.

Alright, enough of the soapbox and back to the anime.

It’s obvious why Erwin was given command of the Survey Corps. Everyone else assumes that the mission is over and the danger is past. Commander Erwin correctly suspects that the person who could change into the Female Titan is probably now disguised as a member of the Survey Corps. Now this person is after Eren again and has already taken out one of the members of Squad Levi.

I’m enjoying watching this game of cat-and-mouse. Attack on Titan has now gone away from just humanity’s battle with the Titans to humanity battling with itself. Now there’s a level of gamesmanship going on which adds some depth.

As always, the anime episode ends right at the point where you want to see more. Suddenly Eren is in danger again. He’s with the most experienced squad so he’ll be just fine, right? It sure doesn’t feel that way right now. I want to stop writing now and just go watch more!

Is Attack on Titan Episode 20 Worth Watching?

Yes, this anime episode is worth watching. Action, surprises, danger, suspense, this one has it all. It’s no wonder Attack on Titan became as popular as it did. With a first season like this who wouldn’t be clamoring for more?

Now go watch some Anime!

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