Black Clover Episode 163 Review

Black Clover Episode 163 - Yami and Dante

If you don’t get excited over the title “Dante vs The Captain of the Black Bulls” then there’s something wrong with you.

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I’m glad Black Clover has found its identity again. I was getting worried there for a little while that we were going to be forced to continue to watch substandard anime episodes. Now that the fighting has really gotten going, I think it’s safe to say that Black Clover is worth watching again. Black Clover episode 163 is no exception.

As you should be able to tell from the title of the episode, Yami Sukehiro shows up just in time to take on Dante. He interrupts Dante just as he’s about to take Vanessa and Grey and make them his women. This might be one of the few times that an anime hasn’t actively tried to create a harem.

We saw previously why Dante wants Vanessa. Her ability to change fate interests him. Grey, on the other hand, develops before our eyes and becomes another unique magician. Her drive to save Gauche unlocks a magical ability that puts Grey into the same category as Vanessa.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in Grey’s backstory. Have you ever heard of the story of Cinderella? You know, the story that Disney capitalized on and made a fortune. She’s got the castle that sits prominently in the middle of the Magic Kingdom theme part down in Disney World. We now know that it was Grey who was the subject of the story.

That’s right! Grey was the girl who was treated poorly by her stepmother and stepsisters. Grey was the one who was forced to do the chores and get covered in soot. Grey was the one who tried with all her might to improve her position, only to have her stepsisters lash out in anger. It was Grey all along.

I’m kidding of course but the fact that Black Clover obviously rips off the Disney version of the story. Now to be clear, a quick search of where the story of Cinderella comes from will reveal that it dates back to the ancient Greeks. Disney has no claim to the story more than just their variant of it. Grey just happens to mimic a lot of the Disney story.

I couldn’t help but watch in disbelief as Grey is abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. All I could think was “Are they really doing this? Why would they make Grey’s backstory this cheap?” Ultimately I think it takes away from a good reason for Grey to want to save Gauche.

Black Clover Episode 163 - Luck's True Lightning Magic: Ceranos

Of course the highlight of Black Clover episode 163 is Yami vs Dante. Yami gets to show off how much he’s learned since training with Mereoleona Vermillion. Yami appears to have surpassed his limits once again as the last we see of the two is Dante getting sliced. Unfortunately the anime moves on to Luck’s battle after this.

It’s not like the action drops off when the story pans to Luck. If Black Clover was to go to anybody else besides Yami and Asta, I’d want it to be Luck. His lust for battle is unrivaled and it pushes him to new heights. In his fight against the Dark Disciple Svenkin Gatard, Luck’s desire to fight an win drive him to become lightning itself.

This is the kind of stuff that I think about when I think of Black Clover. A bunch of frantic action paired with the protagonists finding a way to unlock new abilities at just the right time. This is what gets me excited to watch each episode. A lot of the other random things that Black Clover likes to toss out there is just stuff that has to be wadded through to get to here.

Is Black Clover Episode 163 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 163 is worth watching. I may not be a big fan of Grey’s backstory but that does not mean that this anime episode is bad. There are two great fights in Yami vs Dante and Luck vs Svenkin. Considering how the fight with the Spade kingdom is going so far, these little rays of hope are needed. Everyone else seems to be helpless at the hands of the Devil Possessed.

Now go watch some anime!

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