Black Clover Episode 166 Review – Episode 167 Preview

Black Clover Episode 166 - Yami and Asta vs Dante

If Yami Sukehiro didn’t come up with something incredible here then he doesn’t deserve to be the leader of the Black Bulls. He did, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

Black Clover Episode 165 Review

The Dark Triad appears to be just too powerful. We’ve gotten used to the Black Bulls being able to overcome their opponents by sheer will alone. Usually the move that Yami Sukehiro pulled out here in Black Clover episode 166 would’ve worked. He did turn Dante into an assortment of body parts after all. But it looks like their devil powers are just too much.

Before we get into Yami’s fight with Dante, lets talk about the girls’ fight against Vanica and Magicula. That is how the episode starts so we might as well talk about it first. We left off Black Clover episode 165 with Nero sealing away the devil host. That was too good to be true as it’s revealed that Vanica had an ability to weaken spells cast against her.

Vanica and Megicula overpower the sealing spell and use it for themselves. Nero is wrapped up, Noelle is beaten up and Loropechika is forced to suffer due to her curse. The Queen of the Heart Kingdom goes through a flashback of her time with the water spirit Undine. Undine is cursed herself as a result of the action and appears to be half-dead.

Black Clover Episode 166 - Noelle vs Vanica

At this point Black Clover does a great job of getting me behind Noelle’s character. I wouldn’t say that I haven’t been a fan of hers, I would just say that Noelle wasn’t my favorite. I personally would rather watch Asta when he’s using his devil powers or Luck use his lightning. I’d even rather watch Charmy on one of the few occasions when she gets mad and uses her full power.

Noelle has just been a supporting character who’s obviously going to end up with Asta when everything is all said and done. Sorry Mimosa, your cousin has the benefit of being in the same magic squad as our lead boy here. Noelle has shown us that she’s been very capable of in her own right, I just haven’t paid her too much attention. Now that’s changed a little bit.

Noelle’s determination here makes me more interested in seeing her character develop. She’s not just a pretty face who’s here to provide a little fanservice from time to time. Noelle’s fighting to protect her friends and defeat the person who killed her mother. I want to see more of this Noelle.

Noelle’s mindset obviously comes from her time being with the Black Bulls. Yami Sukehiro is the one who’s responsible for setting the standard of surpassing your limits. Black Clover episode 166 proves that he’s the gold standard for this. The only problem is that it’s not enough to defeat Dante.

The highlight of Yami and Dante’s fight is obviously the unveiling of Yami’s new technique, Dark Magic: Death Thrust. The technique is so powerful that it instantly erases whatever part of Dante’s body that it hits. It’s a pretty impressive technique and I hope we get to see more of it.

Black Clover Episode 166 - Yami Sukehiro's Death Thrust

Unfortunately for Captain Yami, Dante has the ability to regenerate his body no matter how much damage he takes. It leaves us with the feeling that he’s ultimately going to lose this battle and join William Vangeance as a prisoner of the Dark Triad.

I almost forgot! I was just about to post the pictures in this review and post it before remembering another big moment in this episode. Yami actually called Asta by his name. He wasn’t “Runt” or “Dumbass” for the first time. Yami asked for Asta’s help in defeating Dante. It almost brings a tear to your eyes thinking about how much those two have gone through.

Is Black Clover Episode 166 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 166 is worth watching. Even though the Black Bulls are putting up a valiant defense, it feels like the Dark Triad is going to leave this exchange with what they want. I really enjoyed watching Noelle and Yami continue to improve and show us what they’re made of in spite of that.

This episode is really about highlighting those two characters, which is not a bad thing. It’s almost like Black Clover is making up for the mediocre filler episodes that we had not that long ago. I’ll take it. I’ve got no problem with watching an anime episode full of fighting.

Black Clover Episode 167 Preview

Black Clover Episode 167 Preview - Megicula and Vanica

From the preview at the end of Black Clover episode 166 we learn that the fighting with the Dark Triad is about to reach it’s climax. Asta and Yami are going to do their last ditch attack on Dante. Vanica and Megicula are up to something as she has her sights set on Loropechika. With a brief cut to Luck and Gaja, the preview leads us to believe that something is up with the dark disciples.

My guess is that Vanica is going to take back the power that she granted to her dark disciples. I’m also going to assume that this means that they’re going to die in the process. That seems pretty on par for what a devil possessed antagonist would do.I’m also going to take a guess that with a title like “Black Oath” we’re going to see Yami Sukehiro taken away after saying a few words to his squad. We’ll just have to wait to next week to find out though!

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Black Clover Episode 167 Review

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