Black Clover Episode 167 Review – Episode 168 Preview

Black Clover Episode 167 - Asta using Yami's kitana

I would’ve been perfectly content to have the fight with the Dark Triad end here.

Black Clover Episode 166 Review

I’ve been pretty critical of Black Clover since picking it back up around episode 140 or so. It’s because of episodes like this one that I think my criticism of the filler episodes stands true. Black Clover episode 167 was a perfect example of why this anime can be one of the best action anime out there right now.

What’s the typical ending to a shonen anime? The hero or heroes discover an inner strength that allows them to overcome their seemingly unbeatable opponent. With victory assured, a sense of calm descends and everyone can go home happy. Black Clover episode 167 gives us a taste of this and then slaps us in the mouth.

This is an excellent way to use tried and true methods of storytelling while also not falling into a cliche. It wouldn’t bother me one bit to have the fight with the Dark Triad end here, but knowing that another confrontation is coming up just gets me more excited. What heights will Asta reach next?

Black Clover Episode 167 - Asta attacking Dante

The highlight of Black Clover episode 167 has got to be Asta and Yami’s fight with Dante. Any time that Black Clover pulls out action like this they excel at it. This is no exception. I just sat back and enjoyed watching Asta and Yami struggle to deal with Dante and his regeneration. I’m not going to spoil it here but you need to watch this just for the ending to the fight.

The one criticism I will make of this episode is how the Magic Knights and Spirit Guardians reacted to Vanica’s human bombs. With Loropechika in tow, Vanica decided to detonate all of her dark disciples. The devil power that she granted them turned into a curse bomb. It’s Vanica’s big going away gift.

If you were face-to-face with a bomb, what would you do? You’d run away as far as you could while also trying to find shelter. The Magic Knights and Spirit Guardians who are still on the battlefield just stand there and allow the cursed bombs to go off in their faces. It’s like they’re a bunch of deer caught in the headlights. I wanted to give them a swift kick to try and get them to move.

That’s only a small part to Black Clover episode 167 though, so it doesn’t ruin the episode. I don’t know if anything could’ve ruined this episode considering what we were given with Asta, Yami and Dante.

Black Clover Episode 167 - Vanica kidnapping Loropechika

Other than the insane action, there are a few interesting parts of Black Clover episode 167 to note. First, Vanica was able to remember Noelle’s mother after their battle. Noelle is a spitting image of her mom so it helped jog Vanica’s memory. It also helped keep Loropechika alive because Vanica remembered that Acier got stronger after she had taken a child hostage. Now it’s Noelle’s turn to get stronger with Loropechika getting abducted.

The second thing to note is Asta’s new arm. He makes a deal with the devil living inside him and gets access to the devil’s true power. The tradeoff is Asta has to surrender one part of his body. The devil takes Asta’s right arm and it transforms into something straight out of a sci-fi show. Asta’s access to the devil’s power only lasts for 50 seconds but it’s enough to take down Dante.

Asta seems willing to make more deals with the devil, but at the moment he’s too weakened for the devil to agree. I can’t imagine that this will be a good idea going forward. If the devil takes over too much of Asta’s body then there will be nothing left of him.

Is Black Clover Episode 167 Worth Watching?

Yes. Black Clover episode 167 is worth watching. I’m now excited to watch Black Clover again. This anime is finally interesting again! I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next week. Speaking of that…

Black Clover Episode 168 Preview

Black Clover Episode 168 - Preview

The preview at the end of episode 167 is pretty vague. Obviously the Dark Triad has accomplished their goal of obtaining William Vangeance and Yami Sukehiro. We see a small clip of what I presume to be the ceremony to summon the Tree of Qliphoth beginning. The Clover Kingdom’s spy also makes an appearance. It looks like he made it back safely from the Spade Kingdom. I’m going to go ahead and guess that the newcomer that we’re shown is the spy and he has information to share with everyone. With a title like “Stirrings of the Strongest” I’m sure we’ll also get a captains meeting with Asta, Yuno and maybe a couple more non-captains involved. Time to plan their counterattack!

Now go watch some anime!

Black Clover Episode 168 Review

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