Black Clover Episode 169 Review – Episode 170 Preview

Black Clover Episode 169 - Asta's devil

It feels like Black Clover is stalling so they can prolong the story as long as possible right now.

Black Clover Episode 168 Review

If you didn’t already know, Black Clover is going to be done airing on March 30th. That means that Black Clover episode 170 is going to be the final anime episode of this series for a while. While I assume that it’ll come back in the future, you never know what will happen.

With that being the case, Black Clover episode 169 felt like we were being given a bunch of fluff to go along with a little bit of valuable information. I got to the end of the episode and said “That’s it?” It was a little disappointing.

The first four minutes of the episode were a combination of the action that we just saw over the last couple of episodes combined with the opening sequence. I don’t think that much of a recap is really necessary at this point. If you don’t know what’s going on you don’t need to go too far back to figure it out.

The next seven or so minutes of the episode was just us learning how the elves saved everyone who was fighting in the Heart Kingdom. Now Noelle, Nero and friends get to train with the elves so they can learn Ultimate Magic. They have to learn it in three days in order to be ready for the assault on the Spade Kingdom.

Black Clover Episode 169 - Noelle asking to be trained

At the same time, Nacht is taking Asta to perform the devil-binding ritual. That is, after Nacht tells off the rest of the Black Bulls for being a rowdy bunch of misfits. He certainly isn’t endearing himself to the rest of the squad.

I liked everything with Nacht and the other Black Bulls, but it felt like there needed to be more. This includes the devil-binding ceremony with Asta. I had this lingering feeling like there needed to be something else, whether it be more compelling character interactions or more fighting. Really, who sits there and lets someone badmouth them without saying anything. C’mon Black Bulls, you’re the rowdy Magic Knight Squad yet you let Nacht tongue lash you with little push back (except for Grey).

With Asta and his devil, there’s obviously more going on that we’ll get to see in the next episode. Asta reminds the devil of someone in his past. Because of that, the devil doesn’t attack Asta whole heartedly while Asta doesn’t want to fight at all. What do you have to do to get a little action out of this episode?

Overall, Black Clover episode 169 isn’t a bad anime episode, it just feels like more could’ve been accomplished. It makes me feel like the anime is kind of petering out here at the end. I almost get the feeling like it should’ve ended after the fighting between Dante, Yami and Asta ended just so we could leave things on a cliffhanger. Black Clover could’ve opened up it’s new season with everything we just witnessed in this episode and episode 168.

Is Black Clover Episode 169 Worth Watching?

If you’re a fan of Black Clover and you’ve been following the anime, then you’ll want to watch this episode. Don’t watch this episode and think you’re getting a good representation of everything that the anime has to offer. If you want that go back a little bit and watch the fight I just mentioned. Hopefully Black Clover episode 170 won’t disappoint.

Black Clover Episode 170 Preview

Black Clover Episode 169 - Preview for episode 170

Like I mentioned in the review above, Asta’s devil views some similarities between Asta and a woman from his past. It appears like we’ll get the devil’s backstory in this episode. We’re shown a picture of the devil lying in the woods near death so I’m assuming the woman saved him and took him in. She then appears to get into some kind of struggle and there’s also a baby briefly shown.

I’ve read the manga so I already know what the deal is with all of this but I won’t spoil it for you if you don’t know. If you watched Black Clover episode 169 then you’ve probably already figured it out. It’s not like the anime is really trying to hide what it’s going to reveal in the next episode. The big question is where is the story going to end for the upcoming break.

Now go watch some anime!

Black Clover Episode 170 Review

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