Black Clover Episode 170 Review

Black Clover Episode 170 - Asta looking to the future

If Black Clover hadn’t had several episode not that long ago that tried to do the same thing as episode 170 then I’d be more moved at what I just watched.

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It wasn’t that long ago that we were in a similar situation. The Magic Knights were getting prepared for an upcoming struggle against the Spade Kingdom. Even writing that is giving me flashbacks of reviews I just wrote. Unfortunately, those episodes are not far enough in the past to allow for episode 170 to have as big of an impact as I believe it could’ve had.

Black Clover episode 170 has the sentimentality dialed up to 11. With Liebe’s backstory and Asta’s experiences fighting with or against everyone in the anime, we’re supposed to picture this as a titanic fight between two sides that can’t give up. By the way, Liebe was saved and later adopted by Asta’s mom. That adds a family dynamic to this fight as well.

Black Clover Episode 170 - Asta's mom

As touching as it is to see all of this unfold, I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s too soon. Not enough has happened in between the ending of the training session prior to the Spade Kingdom’s attack and the beginning of this brief 2-day training period. I can’t help but feel a little let down by what I just watched.

That’s a shame too because all of the elements of an emotional episode are present. Liebe’s story is told well. We’re given a clear picture whey he hates demons and why he wants to kill all of them. There’s now a personal connection for Liebe and Asta to take down Lucifero, even if Asta doesn’t know about it yet.

Asta’s journey to this point is also the typical anime protagonist underdog story. He’s fought with and against so many amazing characters along the way that, despite his lack of ability, allows him to put up a fight. All of their emotions and expectations go with Asta in every move he makes.

What a missed opportunity! We even get the uplifting result of the fight too! Asta and Liebe are going to be friends rather than Master and Servant. Asta’s contract with Liebe is one of equal terms. Hooray! Go Good Guys! I’m sure the future is going to be bright now!

Black Clover Episode 170 - Asta and Liebe making their contract

I’m sorry, I can’t help but voice some of my cynicism. It’s really just been pent up from the lackluster outing that Black Clover gave us during those filler episodes with the Devil Worshipers. Ever since the story got back on track it’s been mostly positive but an episode like this highlights why putting out content just for content’s sake can water things down.

Is Black Clover Episode 170 Worth Watching?

Don’t mistake my complaining above as an indictment of a bad anime episode. Black Clover episode 170 is worth watching. You’ll recognize the type of anime episode it is pretty easily as just about any shonen anime uses storytelling techniques like this. Black Clover episode 170 executes those methods well here and I can’t say that anything in particular is wrong in the episode itself.

My complaints, as you can read above, are with the not so long ago episodes that sought to do the same thing that this episode did. Oh well, Black Clover is going on a break. I’m glad they’re doing that instead of trying to do filler seasons. I hate filler seasons. Maybe if/when Black Clover comes back we’ll stick to the plot of the manga and get more of what this anime does best. I have hope that this will be the case!

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