Fena Pirate Princess Episode 8 Review

Fena Pirate Princess Episode 8 Review

If you go back and look at some of the other reviews I’ve had for this anime, you’ll see that I haven’t been too complimentary. While the story started out pretty interesting, Fena’s journey quickly turned into a mess. Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 does more to help the overall narrative rather than hurt it. It’s far from perfect, but at least it’s not an active detriment.

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Where can I watch Fena Pirate Princess episode 8?

Fena is an anime that both Crunchyroll and Adult Swim partnered to produce. As you’d expect, both sites carry the anime. Adult Swim broadcasts new episodes at midnight every Sunday while Crunchyroll makes them available on their site at the same time. For Adult Swim, you’ll have to have a cable subscription in order to watch. At Crunchyroll, you’ll have to be a paying member in order to get the newest episodes.

If you like to watch your anime for free, then you’ll have to wait a week until episode 8 becomes available to watch at Crunchyroll. They make the prior week’s episode free once the next episode airs. The only drawback is that you’ll have to watch some commercials. I won’t be recommending any pirated site. You can go search those out on your own if you want. Just beware of risk that you’ll be taking. I also think it’s better to support the creators of these shows, but that’s a different discussion.

Watch Fena Pirate Princess Episode 8 at Crunchyroll or Adult Swim

How was the story in Fena Pirate Princess episode 8?

Episode 8 was slower. It was a slower paced episode because it spent most of its time having Fena talk to either Shitan or Yukimaru. In doing so, it allowed us to get a better understanding of all three of them, which is a good thing. I still think there are some issues with the characters involved, but this is a step in the right direction. At least now we understand each characters’ motivations a little bit more.

Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 - Fena overhearing Shitan call her a witch.

You might read that and say “What do you mean there are still some issues with the characters involved?” Shitan’s main motivation is to protect Yukimaru. Therefore, he’s upset with Fena because Yukimaru puts himself in danger for her sake. That doesn’t mean that she’s worth being called a witch. I don’t get a sense that Shitan even means those words when he says them. You could say that Shitan is conflicted between his duty and his heart, but we’ve frankly haven’t been shown much besides a haughty and somewhat bland character so far. Where’s the evidence that Shitan is emotionally invested in anything?

You could say something similar about Yukimaru. He’s been an uninspiring character who’s only use has been to mow down his opponents. He’s quiet, brooding and just uninspiring. He and Shitan share too much to be on screen together. Fena’s overbearing personality is not enough to overcome all of the dreary silence that the two carry with them.

It’s not that bad is it?

That’s why I say that Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 helped out the plot more than prior episodes. We got to get a glimpse into Shitan’s past and what really motivates him. We also got to see him getting orders to kill Fena if it appears Yukimaru is under her “spell.” You can sense that he really doesn’t think that his orders are right, but he’s still not happy with what Yukimaru was willing to do to save Fena. I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t some underlying feelings towards Yukimaru.

Yukimaru, for his part, actually shows some emotion towards Fena. He’s now the devoted knight protecting his love interest. It’s decent, for what it is, but that story has been played out a million times before. Yukimaru as the protector is better than the cold and clammy Yukimaru, but it still could’ve been better.

What happened in this episode?

Episode 8 was really just a lot of talking. Fena overheard Shitan say that she’s a witch. Fena talks with Shitan to try and clear the air, Shitan reflects on his past and appears to come to an understanding with Fena. Yukimaru wakes up, finds Fena at his bedside and then basically professes his love for her. You can tell that Fena Pirate Princess was trying to develop its characters in this episode. For the most part, I think that it succeeds in that mission.

Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 - Fena and Shitan clearing the air

Episode 8 at least doesn’t have anything that’s completely inexplicable. I’m still not over the fact that it would’ve been impossible for Yukimaru and the other Goblin Knights to catch up to the Blue Giant when it did. Yukimaru especially. He was in a little rowboat with no sail! It just doesn’t make sense. I’m glad we didn’t get that this time.

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 get right?

I really enjoyed the background music during this episode. It was slow, sad and did a great job in creating the mood that things were not OK. I’m not going to sit here an pretend that I’m an expert on musical composition, but I did like what episode 8 presented us. I wish I could go into more detail, but I can’t.

To go along with the music, Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 also did a great job with the animation. That’s one thing this anime has done well from the beginning. You can tell that a lot of work and detail went into creating a visually striking world. The colors are bright and vibrant, characters move smoothly and everything else shouts excellence. Too bad they didn’t focus as much on the story as they did the visuals.

There has to be something else that was good!

I don’t know why, but I got a laugh out of the scene where Yukimaru wakes up. There’s a scare that he’s paralyzed from the waist down. As it turns out, Yukimaru couldn’t feel his legs because Fena was sleeping on them. At first, he tries to calmly wake her up by calling her name. Yukimaru gets louder and louder as his attempts fail. Ultimately, he’s forced to chop her on the head so he can regain feeling. It was just entertaining.

Yukimaru waking up Fena

This scene also helped feed into Yukimaru pledging himself to Fena. You could tell that the pair really do care for each other. It may be cliche, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Ever since the beginning of the anime it’s been obvious that Fena and Yukimaru have been destined to be together, why wait to make that happen?

What did Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 get wrong?

Are you ready for this? OK, here we go! You’d think that episode 8 would put in a little effort and find a town that was actually on the coast when it determined where Yukimaru would get treatment. I did a quick Google search for “Chaouen” and found out it’s a city in the mountains of Morocco. It’s not terribly far from the coast, but it’s not the seaside city it’s made out to be here. I realize that this is an alternate reality, but if Fena Pirate Princess is going to use real places, then at least accurately portray them.

A much bigger problem I have with episode 8 is the relationship between Abel and Yukihisa. We’re shown another carrier pigeon arriving at Abel’s windowsill. Presumably it comes from Yukihisa, since we’re already been shown that once. Considering what we’ve been shown here recently, why would the two men have anything to do with each other?

Abel led the attack on the ship carrying Fena and her father 10 years ago. Presumably that ship had some people from Goblin Island on it. With only Yukimaru surviving, that means that Abel killed some of the Goblin Island residents. Was Yukihisa in on his own people getting killed? I thought he wanted to find his nation’s lost treasure? Why would he help Abel interrupt Fena’s journey to Eden? It just doesn’t make sense.

Abel receiving another message via carrier pigeon

Abel has also been shown to not be too big of a fan of the residents of Goblin Island. He was willing to throw them under the bus to Fena. I could see him turning on an ally once he got what he wanted, but you’d think Ykihisa would’ve cut off ties a long time ago. I’ll stop now, but you see where I’m going with this.

Is Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 worth watching?

If you’re determined to watch this anime the answer is yes. Fena Pirate Princess episode 8 does more good than harm. This episode helps clarify the relationships between everyone. It’s all laid out for the crew of the Bonito II. With Shitan seemingly coming around to join everyone else, we’ll see where Fena goes from here. Are they now going to go on a pirate adventure across the seas or is it going to continue to be a quest to reach Eden? Who knows. Only time will tell.

Now go watch some anime!

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