Fire Force Season 2 Episode 14 Review

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 14 - Kurono and his black smoke
Kurono and his black smoke

Haijima Industries plays the part of the evil corporation perfectly.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 13 Review

Victor Licht announces to the crew of Fire Force Company 8 that he’s a spy for Haijima Industries. He shares that he’s been instructed to bring Shinra in and that the research facility increased the severity of its experiments after finding out that Shinra slipped through their fingers the first time. We get a chance to see that cruelty with a look into what Hajima’s testing methods are.

Haijima is using a man by the name of Kurono Yuichiro to test the kids that are in their custody. He’s someone who enjoys bullying the weak. The boy who had his powers awakened by Rekka, Nataku, is beaten unconscious by Kurono. Kurono’s behavior is consistent with someone who’s mentally twisted.

Shinra and Licht arrive at the Haijima research facility. Security is tight around them. Licht appears to already know that Haijima plans on killing him once all is said and done. Shinra already guesses that things are being kept from the two of them.

Shinra starts his first test, he gets to fight with Kurono. Kurono’s ability is to put out black smoke. The smoke acts like an extra sensory organ that allows Kurono to react to Shinra’s speed. The black smoke can also be used to materialize weapons for attacks, something Kurono demonstrates at Shinra’s expense.

I think that Fire Force has really started to pick things up. At the beginning of the anime season, it felt like things were a little slow. I was critical of the animation and just not interested in the story. Now that has completely changed.

The introduction of Kurono Yuichiro as a bad guy is perfect as a contrast to Shinra. Everything that Shinra is, Kurono is the opposite. Kurono uses his power to bully and torture, Shinra uses his power to help and save others. It’s the classic fight between two opposing philosophies.

I enjoyed watching Victor Licht play Haijima Industries and Fire Force Company 8 off of each other. His ultimate allegiance is to the truth so he’s not allied with either group. Licht has no problem with using the good intentions of Fire Force Company 8 to further his goal of investigating Haijima Industries. It makes me wonder if later on he’ll end up turning on Company 8 later.

I will be curious to see just how the Evangelist and the Knights of the Ashen Flame fit into all of this. We just saw that the Holy Sol Temple is an organization that was created by one of the Knights of the Ashen Flame in order to further the Evangelist’s goals. The religion helps provide a smoke screen for the Evangelist’s movements.

Is Haijima industries tied in as well? They were the ones to build Amaterasu. The former captain of Fire Force Company 3 has ties to both Haijima and the Evangelist. Is this true of the entire organization or are there just spies that have infiltrated? Considering the way things are going I’m sure it won’t be too long before we find out.

Is Fire Force Season 2 Episode 14 worth watching?

Yes. I found myself not being able to look away. I haven’t wanted to see a character get taken down more than Kurono in a while. He’s the worst kind of evil. He enjoys abusing children. Unfortunately, he’s also a very capable fighter with an ability that’s difficult to deal with. We’ll have to wait for the next episode of the anime to see if Shinra is able to deal with him. If I were to take a guess, I’d say that their fight is going to be interrupted.

Fire Force is in full swing and I recommend following this anime.

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