Fire Force Season 2 Episode 7 Review


The Fire Force investigation squad arrives on the Chinese peninsula hyped up. This is the first time being out of the Tokyo Empire for most of them. Takeru, also known as juggernaut, reunites with his mom and he learns that their farm was damaged by an unknown entity. After collecting their provisions, the investigation squad heads out. Every member of the team ends up becoming loopy due to the gas in the air except for Licht. He’s the only one that heeded the warnings of the people of the port and wore a gas mask.

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So excited to be on a new continent that they're eating dirt.
So excited to be on a new continent that they’re eating dirt.

While driving to their destination, the team is interrupted by a mole and a giant rock worm. Surprisingly, the mole can talk and he requests their help. Come to find out, the mole is the one who damaged Takeru family’s farm while stealing potatoes. The Fire Force investigation squad learns from the mole that there is an oasis that the animals were driven from. This caused the mole, whose name is Schop, to steal from the farm. His story is corroborated by his crow friend, Yata. The Fire Force investigation squad goes to the oasis and find out that there is a reactor similar to their Amaterasu in Tokyo. This reactor is called the Tabernacle by the animals of the oasis.

The Tabernacle
The Tabernacle

With their interest piqued, the Fire Force investigation squad enters the oasis to find out more. They discover signs of human life all around except that it was from the time before the great cataclysm. The group is eventually attacked by a group of infernal dogs, referred to as hell-hounds by Schop. These invaders apparently drove out the other animals. Schop tearfully remembers his friends who died fighting the infernal dogs. All of the sudden, Shinra hears a voice calling to him to save the oasis. The voice is coming from the Tabernacle.


This episode did a good job of heightening the mystery of the world in Fire Force. There seems to be more questions now than answers. Why is there another reactor in the middle of the Chinese peninsula? Why can some animals talk? Who’s calling out to Shinra? What happened 250 years ago? Things just keep getting stranger.

One thing I did not like about this episode was the interaction with the giant rock worm. Here’s a beast that rivals the Elder Centipede from One Punch Man in size chasing after our protagonists. It shouldn’t give up as easily as it did. It’s almost as if the creators said “that’s enough. We don’t need the giant rock worm to chase them anymore.” Just a few moves from Shinra and Ogun that didn’t even show signs of scratching the beast was enough to get it to turn away. What a letdown.

The little bit we did see of the fight with the giant rock worm
The little bit we did see of the fight with the giant rock worm

That being said, I enjoyed most of the rest of the episode. The field of infernals was nerve wracking. There, in the middle of the wasteland, is an unknown number of infernals walking the Earth, unable to rest. It was quite a sight and a creepy way to show the horror of an infernal’s future.

All those lights are infernals
All those lights are infernals

There wasn’t much action in this episode apart from the aforementioned fight with the giant rock worm and a little bit of fighting with the infernal dogs, but the story of the episode made it an interesting watch. Anime can’t always be filled with non-stop action and I’m fine with Fire Force saving some for later. I didn’t feel disappointed that we didn’t get to see Shinra or Arthur do something amazing. This anime episode focused more on luring you in to the story rather than having the big blow-off fight.

Is this episode worth watching?

Yes it is. Not much more to say that I haven’t said already.

Now go watch some anime!


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