God of High School Episode 4 Review


This episode of the anime opens with Jin Mo-Ri, Han Dae-Wi, and Yu Mi-Ra walking down the street talking about their upcoming matches. Han and Yu are set to fight each other in the semifinals of the God of High School regional tournament. Suddenly, a Bentley roars up and a man jumps out and proposes to Yu Mi-Ra. Apparently his is a well known celebrity by the name of Seongjin.

Yu Mi-Ra being convinced to marry Seongjin
Yu Mi-Ra being convinced to marry Seongjin

As the anime episode progresses, we find out that the marriage is only a means to an end for Yu. Her goal is to spread the Moonlight Swordstyle so it doesn’t die out. A task that was left to her since her uncle was not up for the task after Yu’s father, and Moonlight Sword master, died when Yu was a small child. Seongjin announces his plans to have the Moonlight Sword style become as popular as mainstream martial arts.

Meanwhile, Jin believes that something is off. He doesn’t understand why Yu would give up on attaining her dreams on her own. Jin confronts Yu and is basically told off. Jin tries to enlist Han’s help but Han tells Jin that it’s none of their business. Jin is still ardent that something is amiss with Seongjin. In reality, Jin is right. We see that Seongjin is a member of the secret organization that’s behind the God of High School tournament and has been instructed to attain the sword that can defeat God and the hand that can wield it. To him, that’s Yu and the Moonlight Sword style.

Jin believes he has to stop the wedding
Jin believes he has to stop the wedding

Fast forward to the wedding day and everything is progressing despite Yu’s uncle asking Seongjin to call off the wedding. It’s not until Jin and Han crash the wedding that everything is stopped. Jin finally talks Yu out of marrying Seongjin only for Seongjin to use a mysterious power like the one we saw from one of the officials at the God of High School tournament. Yu defeats Seongjin but is wounded in the fight.

Just like the tournament official
Just like the tournament official

Next we see Han watch as the friend who he’s helped financially in his fight with cancer pass away. Han takes his frustration out on three guys who’ve been harassing him at his internet cafe job. We next got to see Han take out his emotions on Yu in their match. Han targets Yu’s wound from her fight with Seongjin and relentlessly beats her, only to be stopped by the official.


Well that escalated quickly. That’s all I could think of when I was watching this episode. What anime starts off with a proposal followed shortly thereafter by a wedding? It felt like things were going at hyper-speed. That would be my one criticism of this anime episode, I feel like things went too fast and I didn’t get a chance to get emotionally invested in all of it.

Had God of High School taken it’s time and introduced Seongjin as the person who was promising Yu Mi-Ra her dreams for her hand in marriage, only for her to rebuff him time and time again I could’ve gotten more into the story line. You could’ve made Yu’s situation ever more desperate, causing her to slowly consider Seongjin’s proposal until she finally relented. You could’ve even built up Seongjin as a villain by having him be the cause of some of the hardships Yu would go through. To me it just felt rushed and it was a missed opportunity.

When you compare the marriage angle with what Han goes through you really think about what could’ve been. Through the first four episodes of the anime Han has been shown to be a persistent friend willing to put up with anything in order to help his friend pay for his treatment. When that finally comes to an end you see the emotional toll it takes. Han finally snaps when the three internet café tough guys cross the line and mention his friend dying.

The shocking part of the episode is Han’s treatment of Yu. He was merciless. Han knew Yu was wounded and he targeted that spot specifically. Han’s now a different person and boy did he show it. It made me want to see Han fight Jin more than ever now.

Han going for Yu's wound
Han going for Yu’s wound

The anime took a quick turn into the serious category with Han’s actions. Everything up until this point had been upbeat. You never got a sense that things were too serious during the time that Yu was planning on getting married. Once Han’s friend died, things got dark. I’ll be interested to see if God of High School returns to it’s previous atmosphere going forward or if it stays where episode four left off.One last note, I did a laugh out of some of the wedding guests when Seongjin released his power. In a sign of the times, they were taking pictures of the monster with their phones instead of running for their lives.

Just what I would do!
Wedding guests taking a photo instead of running

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