I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 19 Review

Let me start by saying that I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19 was better than the last couple of episodes. That said, this was nothing to write home about. The most interesting revelation was that there are other people out there who are playing this game. Let’s hope their stories are more interesting than our heroes.

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Where can I watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19?

This anime is currently airing over at Crunchyroll. A new episode comes out every Friday. Feel free to wander over there if you feel like it.

If you don’t have a subscription to Crunchyroll, you’ll have to wait until episode 20 makes it out until you can get access to episode 19. Crunchyroll will make it available for free once the new episode hits. The goal is to get you interested enough to subscribe. Who doesn’t want to watch the most recent anime episodes?

With I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19 being available at Crunchyroll, it can also be found at VRV. VRV gets some of its content from the anime streaming giant in some sort of licensing deal. I’m not exactly sure how the subscription service works at VRV, but it’s at least another option. It’ possible that your Crunchyroll subscription allows you access to anime at VRV, but I haven’t tried it myself. I don’t see the point.

Watch I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 19 at Crunchyroll or VRV

How was the story in I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19?

Bland. If I were to describe what went on in episode 19 that would be the word. I fully realize I might be a little grumpy over the lackluster offerings Million Lives has given us, but that’s my overall impression. Episode 19 didn’t give us anything that hasn’t been done before and it led to a mediocre anime episode.

I would’ve really ripped into the story had the opening scene not been purposeful. What appears to be an amateur level reproduction of Iu’s first trip into the other world is just that. It’s rough, but what else would you expect from people who aren’t supposed to be professional actors? That part of the story actually made sense.

Looking at episode 19 as a whole, there wasn’t anything particularly egregious like there was in other episodes. I didn’t go “Where’d that come from” or “Do you really expect me to believe that?” I guess you can say that’s a positive. It’s at least a step in the right direction and I hope it continues.

The only interesting part of the story is the revelation that there are other people who are being summoned to this other world. It’s not just our group of heroes that are being forced into participating in this half-baked game. Random people from around the world are doing the same thing, and some of them are not making it back.

Heroes really can die?

We were told back in the first part of season 1 that if all of the heroes die at the same time, everyone really dies. Basically I’m Standing on a Million Lives operates under SAO rules with a little bit of a twist. Since that situation hadn’t actually occurred, there was no way we could tell if it was the truth.

With the introduction of the other participants, we learn that one of them died from a heart issue. Glenda, Glen for short, informs us that this was the fate of the French woman who was identified as a participant. It’s also the point where Glen lets us know that she’s a lesbian, but I’ll talk more about that later.

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19 get right?

The scene with Kahvel’s daughter was done really well. It was a stark reminder that the people in the other world are just a flash in the pan to the heroes. It’s hard to watch Yotsuya and everyone else realize that the people who help them end up living their own lives separate from them. Kahvel in particular felt like she became part of the group. She fought and nearly died to help the heroes accomplish their mission.

Now she’s gone. Her daughter is there to relay the news to the heroes, but it’s not the same. One of their comrades is gone. That’s a tough pill to swallow and it comes across very well in I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19.

Anything else?

There’s really not a lot else that I can highlight for this section. The only other thing that I could think of was how well Million Lives episode 19 did at making Jezby suspicious. From the moment the girl interacted with the heroes for the first time, I could tell something was up. You’d think that a stranded girl would welcome heroes with open arms. Perhaps she’d even ask them to save her hometown.

No, she does none of that. Jezby is frightened of the heroes and doesn’t really seem to open up to them. The only thing she reveals is that something is really wrong with the nearby village. At this point I don’t trust Jezby and from the looks of it, neither does Glen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jezby was somehow connected to what the heroes have to undo.

What did I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19 get wrong?

Ok, this one’s not going to be easy to explain because it could be taken the wrong way and that’s not my intent. I was not a fan of the method and frequency of how Glen revealed that she was a lesbian. It felt forced, like the story was tossing this twist in just to make multiple uncomfortable situations. I felt myself saying “So what” every time that it happened.

I’m not saying that Glen shouldn’t be a part of I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19. I’m not saying that Glen shouldn’t be identified as a lesbian. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t seem to fit in the story. It’s like if I ended every sentence with “By the way, I’m a straight, white male.” You sit there and go “What does that have to do with anything?” That’s the feeling I got after Glen came out to anyone and everyone. Why artificially force something like this?

Was there anything else that wasn’t that good?

The start of the episode was a little too bland for my liking. While I can appreciate how amateurish the homemade movie was, it was still a homemade movie. I kept wishing we could move on to more interesting material. I don’t go to plays put on by the local high school, why would I want to see one in my anime?

Perhaps it’s because of the gaping plot holes and standard story line but watching Million Lives has become a chore. I don’t look forward to Friday’s and sitting down to watch it. I’d rather spend time writing up a review of one of the other anime you see on this site. That even goes for the old episodes of Naruto. It’s just bland, there’s no way to get around it.

Is I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19 worth watching?

I’d be hard pressed to recommend I’m Standing on a Million Lives episode 19. While it is better than the last few episodes, episode 19 doesn’t rise above mediocrity. If you’re out of things to watch and you want to give this anime a try, go for it. Don’t expect too much though. If you do then you might just end up disappointed. I know I have. At least I can look forward to watching something else now.

Now go watch some anime!

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