Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 10 Review

Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10 is what I’ve been wanting from this anime for a long time. If you go back and look at the previous nine episodes, you’ll see an anime that’s tried to have a story full of twists and turns. We’ve seen betrayals, corrupt governments, assassins and everything that goes with it. The only problem is that the story wasn’t fully fleshed out.

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Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10 is the first time that an entire episode has been devoted to developing one of its characters. In my opinion, you could’ve had one or two more of these episodes earlier on to help make things make sense. I guess we got a little bit on Sawa Karasumori’s background, but that was to be expected.

What do you think of what happened here in episode 10?

Episode 10 helped clear up Jin Kuzuhara’s motivations for me. Up until this point, Kuzuhara’s character had confused me a little bit. He is a high ranking official in the Tokugawa’s government but yet he’s been shown to be sympathetic to the resistance. It wasn’t that long ago that he killed those policemen who were arresting a couple resistance members.

Learning Kuzuhara’s story helps in understanding the tricky situation he’s in. Given a poor lot in life, Kuzuhara was one of Janome’s test subjects. He resolved himself to kill the guards and escape. Once the opportunity presented itself, Kuzuhara jumped at the chance. The wake of bodies left behind impressed a member of Nue and ended up leading to Kuzuhara’s life being spared.

In watching this sad backstory play out, you can see how Jin Kuzuhara can both harbor resentment to the Shogunate while also feeling obligated to serve him. This is only reinforced by what happened at the Karasumori clan’s village. Kuzuhara was forced to protect the village only to be ordered to wipe it out. The tears in his eyes told us everything we needed to know about his sad position.

What did you like about Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10?

I won’t go too in depth about this since I just spent a good bit of time talking about it, but I enjoyed watching an episode full of backstory. It was much needed. Now I have a clearer picture of what’s going on and why. I can also readjust what I think will come next.

Another thing that I enjoyed, and I don’t thing I’ve mentioned it that much, is the opening sequence of the anime. I’m always struck by the mix of the vibrant colors mixed in with the emotional music that open Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood. I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to mention it so episode 10 is a perfect place to do so. If you haven’t yet, take the time to watch the entire opening.

I also appreciate how Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10 further developed the picture of the Shogunate as an oppressive government. In his quest for immortality, the Shogunate allowed Janome to conduct human experiments. Kuzuhara and hundreds of others were treated like lab rats. Their humanity was discarded. Just watching that scene of the episode is enough to make your blood boil.

When you add that in to the cruelty shown to the Karasumori clan, all I want to do is to see the Shogunate taken down. I fully expect to see the resistance become even stronger. Perhaps we’ll even be shown the bloody upheaval that’s on its way.

What did episode 10 get wrong?

Once I realized what Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10 was, I ended up getting fully sucked in. That means that I can’t identify anything that stands out as particularly bad. If I had to pick, it would be the scene where Jin Kuzuhara fought off the mother wolf.

If a mother wolf is protecting her cubs, I don’t think she’d be satisfied with just one bite. Kuzuhara would’ve had to deal with a lot more than what he walked away with. In reality his arm would’ve probably been shredded.

I guess you could say that the presence of Sawa’s mother helped lighten the tension. The Karasumori clan’s attachment to nature does help explain a little bit here if you want it to. I’m still not fully convinced that everything would’ve ended so peacefully though.

Is Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10 worth watching?

Yes. Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10 is worth watching. This episode tells us a lot of what we need to know. We get a clearer understanding of Jin Kuzuhara’s character. Episode 10 helps make the upcoming confrontation with Sawa Karasumori more meaningful. Now I’ll be wondering if the leader of Nue will be able to convince the last remaining member of the Karasumori clan that he’s on her side.

If you haven’t been watching this anime, you might consider watching this episode before staring from the beginning. I think Joran The Princess of Snow and Blood episode 10 has been my favorite so far. It’s done the best job of not trying to be too clever. That’s been a weakness of this anime but it’s not present here.

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