My Hero Academia Episode 105 Review – Episode 106 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 105 Review – Episode 106 Preview

My Hero Academia episode 105 is the perfect case of why it’s sometimes better to not read the manga before watching the anime. This is the point where I picked up reading MHA over at Viz’s website. As such, I know what’s supposed to happen next and it almost ruined episode 105. I had to remind myself that we’re being set up for something a lot more exciting.

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Where can I watch My Hero Academia episode 105?

I’ve been watching MHA over at Crunchyroll. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the go-to place for anime streaming. Crunchyroll posts the most recent episodes of My Hero Academia every Saturday morning at around 5:30 AM eastern time. Well, sometimes it’s a few minutes later than that but I’ll forgive them for that.

You can also watch the new episodes of MHA over at Funimation. If it weren’t for Crunchyroll I’d definitely have a subscription here. It’s really just a matter of time to be honest. There’s enough of a difference between the two services to justify a subscription to both. Either option will get you My Hero Academia so you can’t really go wrong.

If you want, you can also see the most recent episodes of this anime over at Hulu. This one actually surprises me. Hulu isn’t primarily an anime streaming service. It competes with Netflix for the general viewing audience. That means it will have anime, but not always the most up-to-date episodes. If you’ve already got a subscription to Hulu, you’ll get access to MHA. That’s a nice little bonus!

What did you think of the story in My Hero Academia episode 105?

I’ll start out with a criticism first. With a title like “The Hellish Todoroki Family” I was expecting a lot more time with the family together. I know we got the backstory from Endeavor’s flashbacks, which I’ll discuss later, but what about the present? I kept expecting Endeavor’s time with Midoriya, Bakugo and his son to have been shorter. It felt like My Hero Academia episode 105 was stalling for time or something.

My Hero Academia Episode 105 - Natsuo leaving dinner

I would also change the description of the Todoroki family from “Hellish” to “Frigid.” “Hellish” would be reserved for Bakugo’s family. Remember them? Bakugo’s mom is just like him, or I guess it should be the other way around. The passion and fireworks that come from their interactions is what I’d consider “Hellish.”

Did you think the story go anything right?

Yes, I did. Actually, most of the story was done well once expectations were readjusted. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I knew what was coming because of the manga and it influenced my thoughts of My Hero Academia episode 105 at first. When I look back at what was done in episode 105, I think it was a well-told story.

If you wanted to see a story about a dysfunctional family trying to work through their problems, then the Todoroki family is a perfect for you. For those who aren’t familiar with their past, MHA gives just enough information to fill in any gaps while also showing us how the family members are dealing with those experiences today. Endeavor definitely regrets his actions. Shoto Todoroki wants to forgive his father, but it’s still a long road. Fuyumi Todoroki wants desperately to patch everything up and Natsuo has the furthest to go.

What do you think of the Todoroki family after episode 105?

Midoriya verbalizing the family's feelings

After watching My Hero Academia episode 105 the best way I could describe the atmosphere surrounding the Todoroki family is complex yet hopeful. There’s obviously a lot of baggage here. How could there not be? Shoto Todoroki’s mother, Rei, dumped scalding hot water on her son’s face when he was five. She was driven to the breaking point by Endeavor.

Endeavor ostracized everyone except for Shoto. His drive to surpass All Might led to neglect and abuse. That’s not something you can easily get over. At best, it takes years of therapy and hard work. That’s only if those involved make the effort to patch things up. There’s definitely a lot to unpack in the Todoroki family.

That’s not even including the eldest of the Todoroki children! We’re led to believe that the oldest brother, Toya, is dead. How that happened is a complete mystery, at least as far as the anime is concerned. What skeletons are in that closet? It feels like a whole other anime could be written just about this family.

My Hero Academia Episode 105 - Toya Todoroki

What do you think My Hero Academia episode 105 got right?

The first thing that really stood out to me was the atmosphere surrounding Endeavor as he thought back on his family’s history. My Hero Academia flipped a switch and became something it’s never been, at least not that I can remember.

Most of the time, MHA has been just like any other Shonen anime. It’s fast-paced, upbeat and intense. Toss in a little bit of humor and you’re complete. Shonen anime don’t typically toss in somber reflections like this. The sad but calm music made me think I was watching a drama.

Before you come out and say “There are plenty of sad moments in Shonen anime! Have you never watched them before!” let me defend myself. MHA episode 105 felt different than the big sad moments that I can think of. Sad moments in Shonen usually come at the end of a big fight or some major event. It’s not used in a moment where a character is trying to better themselves.

Think of some examples for instance. Ace’s death in One Piece? That came near the end of the war in Marineford. Kamina’s death in Gurren Lagaan? He died at the end of one of the epic fights against the beast men. For those old school anime fans, how about Krillin’s death in the original Dragonball. Before death became meaningless in that anime series, this was a big deal. However, it still felt different than the emotions My Hero Academia episode 105 brings to the table.

How is this sad moment different from those?

The sad atmosphere that was generated by Endeavor here was created by self-reflection. He took the time to look into his past to see how his actions affected others. When was the last time you could say that about a character in a Shonen anime? Typically characters are so focused on sprinting ahead that they can’t take a moment to look back and see the results of their actions.

Endeavor's feelings

What My Hero Academia episode 105 also does here is paint an accurate picture of what family life is like for those who reach the very top levels of society. There’s no shortage of famous figures throughout history who have sacrificed their relationships with their families in the pursuit of their goals. Endeavor is just another one on the list now. It brings up the question “Is it worth it?”

Are you sure these are parts that episode 105 got right? I’m pretty depressed now.

I do believe that the current situation with the Todoroki family is a positive from the story’s perspective. It has the feeling of a redemption story. With every redemption story, there has to be something that needs to be redeemed. How can there be a reconciliation without a broken relationship?

That’s the point that My Hero Academia episode 105 is trying to get across. The Todoroki family is broken but they’re starting a journey that will bring the family back together. It’s not going to be easy, but the desire to make it happen is there. We’ll all just be along for the ride.

What did My Hero Academia episode 105 get wrong?

The only part that really bugged me was the emergencies that were happening at the beginning of the episode. The one that really stands out is when the rigging for the window washers snapped. Do you really expect me to believe that all four cables failed at the same time, giving Endeavor the perfect chance to rescue the workers? That seems a little too convenient.

My Hero Academia Episode 105 - convenient emergencies

I also know that crime is a lot more prevalent in Japan since the introduction of quirks, but I would think that in the current situation crime wouldn’t be as common. Endeavor and his agency do have the city constantly covered. Even though we didn’t see them much in action, I’m sure there’s an active police force.

It seemed that all of these emergencies were just put in place so we could watch Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki struggle to keep up with Endeavor. It didn’t make much sense to me though.

Is My Hero Academia episode 105 worth watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 105 is worth watching. It’s the start of the Todoroki family’s redemption story. It may be a little bit sad, but it’s a start. For fans of MHA I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There’s not a ton of action, but that’s not the point of this episode.

My Hero Academia episode 106 preview

My Hero Academia Episode 106 Preview

The after credits scene in episode 105 showed us a villain getting out of jail. The preview for episode 106 hints that he was put in jail by Endeavor and still harbors resentment to the hero. With an injection of drugs, he becomes a real threat to the Todoroki family. Will the ensuing fight help bring the Todoroki family back together? Either way, it looks like Natsuo’s life might be on the line. I’ll be looking forward to next week’s episode!

Now go watch some anime!

My Hero Academia Episode 106 Review

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