My Hero Academia Episode 52 Review

My Hero Academia Episode 52 - All For One: Full Cowling Shoot Style

Even an anime episode about training can be exciting given the right story. My Hero Academia episode 52 shows us that.

My Hero Academia episode 52 is all about Class 1-A developing their special moves. It’s a simple premise that provides a lot of excitement due to the students learning to utilize their quirks in new ways. If you ever wondered how your favorite superhero developed their go to move, this episode gives us a glimpse into how that might’ve happened.

While all of Class 1-A is involved in the training, the main focus is on Deku. Up until now he’s been focused on mimicking All Might. This has led him to the point where he’s about to lose the use of his arms. Deku is going to have to come up with some other way to fight or he’s going to be put out of commission. The super move training is only providing more pressure.

The satisfying part about My Hero Academia episode 52 is that we get to see the progress of the Class 1-A students at the end. Considering everything that went on it’d be easy to forget that My Hero Academia is supposed to be an anime focused on kids learning how to become heroes. There hasn’t been a lot of time spent on school grounds recently so that element of the story has been a little lost in my opinion.

With the opportunity for the teachers to instruct the kids without interruption, we see them all work hard and progress. I came away from watching this episode thinking that it’s going to be a lot of fun to see some of these new super moves in action. My personal favorite was Tokoyami’s Abyssal Black Body.

My Hero Academia Episode 52 - Tokoyami's Abyssal Black Body

Abyssal Black Body has Dark Shadow cover Tokoyami’s body, giving Tokoyami an additional power boost when he fights close up. It tickles my imagination because we have already seen just how powerful Dark Shadow can be. If Tokoyami is now going to harness that power as a kind of super powered suit for close combat, he’ll be able to become effective at both long distance and short distance fights. It’s a move worthy of being called a super move.

Bakugo and Ashido learn how to channel their quirks for pinpoint accuracy. Iida’s Reciproburst is already it’s own super move to begin with. Uraraka is working to learn how to make herself float in order to match that up with her martial arts. Mineta’s been working on Grape Rush since he was a kid. Everyone seems to be really getting into the training.

I do need to take a second and talk about Kaminari’s suggestion. He wants to do something like a lightning sword. Maybe it’s because I just went through Yu Yu Hakusho not that long ago but all I could think of was Kuwabara and his Spirit Sword. Kaminari is this generation’s Kuwabara. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, shame on you! Go watch Yu Yu Hakusho!

My Hero Academia Episode 52 - Kaminari talking about wanting a sword

Of course I can’t talk about My Hero Academia episode 52 and not spend some time on Deku. He’s struggling with making One For All his own unique quirk. He’s been told on multiple occasions that his obsession with All Might is hindering his progression. Deku needs to figure out what style of fighting works well for him and his ownership of One For All.

The breakthrough comes while on a visit to the Development Studio. I loved this part because it was full of awkward moments between Deku, Uraraka, Iida and Hatsume. Hatsume is the student who’s as obsessed about becoming the top support person as Deku and the others are about becoming the top hero. During their time in the Development Studio she’s the cause of several explosions and invasions of personal space.

All Hatsume’s hijinks end up being just what Deku needs. Hatsume’s comment to Iida that she thought he could run with his arms and fight with his legs lead Deku to reimagine his fighting style. With a new costume designed to help support his joints, Deku debuts One For All: Full Cowling Shoot Style during class while he saves All Might from falling rubble. It’s an epic little moment of success that carries just as much significance as any of his victories we’ve seen so far.

By the end of My Hero Academia episode 52 you walk away with a feeling that the future is going to be bright for everyone involved. It’s fun to see these kids progress this fast in their training. They really are amazing when you think about it.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 52 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 52 is worth watching. If you’ve gotten to this point in the post and I need to explain why then you should go back and read everything I just wrote. It’s fun to watch Class 1-A develop their super moves. This anime episode is a much needed boost in morale for the series. There hasn’t been a lot to cheer for lately with the retirement of All Might and the rise of the League of Villains.

Now go watch some anime!



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