My Hero Academia Episode 90 Review – Episode 91 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 90 - Dabi and Endeavor

We’re only the second episode in to My Hero Academia season 5 and I’m already sucked back in to what’s going on!

My Hero Academia episode 90 is broken in to two parts. The first covers Endeavor and Hawks while the second part goes into Izuku Midoriya’s experience with his quirk, One For All. Both sections do an excellent job in building up the suspense of what’s to come. I want to know what’s going to happen to the Todoroki family. I want to know how Hawks’s undercover work is going to go. Most importantly, I want to know what’s going to come of Midoriya and his quirk.

It appears that Endeavor is destined for an eventual showdown with Dabi from the League of Villains. That’s the impression I got after their little face off after the fight with the Nomu. There’s also a line in here that could tip things off. Dabi calls Endeavor by his real name, not his hero name. I don’t remember Endeavor’s name being used out in the open before so the fact that Dabi knows and uses it shows he has some sort of connection to him.

I expect to see Dabi woven in to the story of redemption that the Todoroki family is on in this season. From first glance, that story should be pretty interesting to watch. There’s a lot of work that’s going to have to go into repairing Endeavor’s relationship with his kids. It’s crazy to think that Natsuo just learned that Shoto likes soba.

My Hero Academia Episode 90 - Natsuo yelling at Endeavor

Let that sink in for a moment. A college age older brother just learned that his high school age sibling likes soba. It’s not because of anything they did either. It’s all because Endeavor kept Shoto from his siblings and encouraged him to not spend any time with them. That’s pretty messed up.

There is a ray of hope that things will get better. Shoto mentions that he’s never seen Natsuo that worked up before. It makes us think that the relationship is not too far gone to where Natsuo has written it off. He still cares enough to get emotional about his father so there’s a chance that the relationship can be mended.

As enjoyable as it was to watch all of this take place, I found the events with Hawks and later with Izuku Midoriya to be the highlight of the episode. Hawks is working the double agent lifestyle. He’s been asked to use his abilities to gather info from the inside of the League of Villains. If done right, this dynamic could bring us tons of tense, entertaining exchanges between Hawks and the League of Villains. I’m looking forward to this part of season 5.

Izuku Midoriya is starting to learn a little more about his quirk and, in turn, we are as well. Midoriya’s connection to One For All takes him to a dreamlike state where he can interact with his predecessors. In this dream, Midoriya gets to watch All For One and his younger brother go through the scene of All For One forcing a quirk upon his brother.

My Hero Academia Episode 90 - All For One proving he's a master manipulator

In this flashback, All For One comes across as probably the worst type of person you would want to deal with. He manipulates people to his advantage. It gets to the point where All For One doesn’t even need to direct people to commit murder directly, they just do it on their own. That’s a master level of manipulation if I’ve ever seen one.

I’m excited to see where things go with Midoriya and One For All. There seems to be so much more that comes with this quirk that we have yet to discover. If My Hero Academia season 5 continues to explore the depths of One For All then we’re all going to win because of it. This can only help build up to the eventual showdown between the wielder of One For All and All For One.

Is My Hero Academia Episode 90 Worth Watching?

Yes. My Hero Academia episode 90 is worth watching. This episode is all about building to future events but it’s not a boring information dump. The drama with the Todoroki family feels real, Hawks’s dangerous assignment can’t help but make you feel a little bit anxious and Izuku Midoriya’s experience with One For All leaves you curious. This should be a pretty entertaining season!

My Hero Academia Episode 91 Preview

My Hero Academia Episode 90 - Preview for episode 91. Class 2-B ready to take on Class 1-A

From the preview of My Hero Academia episode 91 we see Izuku Midoriya having a conversation with All Might, presumably about his dream. We might get to learn a little bit from All Might as he’s already had much more experience with One For All.

It appears that the majority of episode 91 is going to be dedicated to Hero Class 1-A go up against Hero Class 2-B in a training exercise. This should be pretty entertaining as Class 2-B has a point to prove against their much more famous classmates. A special participant is also teased. We only get to see from the knees down but the outfit shows us that it’s another U.A. High School student. Both sides seem to be pretty excited about the opportunity so I’m sure this will be fun to watch.

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