Naruto Episode 29 Review

Look at Naruto being the voice of inspiration in this episode!

Naruto really has come a long way from episode 1. He’s gone from being the class clown who couldn’t even summon a proper clone to being a somewhat dependable teammate who can hold his own in a rough situation. Had he not shown up here Sasuke would’ve lost all of his confidence and been a failure as a ninja.

Naruto episode 29 shows us a side of Sasuke that I never expected to see. He’s scared. He’s so scared that he’s forgotten that he’s a capable ninja in his own right. I realize that the snake lady is pretty intimidating but she hasn’t shown us anything yet that is truly overwhelming. If Naruto was able to bust out of a snake’s stomach then Sasuke should at least be able to put up a fight.

Of course the big revelation is that the ninja that Sasuke is fighting is not the person who she portrays herself to be. The bodies of the ninjas from the village hidden in the grass were found with their faces ripped off. That means someone who has an ulterior motive has decided to join in the Chunin exam for some unknown reason. It’s enough to get the proctor worried and have her call in reinforcements.

I think Naruto episode 29 did a good job of doing what it set out to do. It built up a credible threat in the ninja who likes to control snakes. It made her a real threat by showing us just how frightened Sasuke and Sakura got. She was made to be even more of a threat with the revelation that she killed other ninja in order to join in the exam. Finally we got to see Naruto swoop in and reorient Sasuke’s thinking that any real hero would do.

Naruto might not be the most conventional or cunning ninja, but he does have the conviction that drives any good anime protagonist. Add an unrealistic sense of optimism and a penchant for outlandish behavior and you have the next Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves. At least that’s what he says.

I will add one criticism here and I know it’s mainly because there has to be a story that we can follow. These ninja sure do talk a lot. I thought ninja were supposed to be silent and strike without warning. There’s an awful lot of dialogue between the moments of action in Naruto episode 29. You’d think we’d be heavy on fighting and less on talking but it’s the exact opposite.

Is Naruto Episode 29 Worth Watching?

Yes. Naruto episode 29 is worth watching. The action is really starting to get going now. Let’s see if a newly reunited Team 7 will be able to take down this mysterious ninja who’s inserted herself into the Chunin exam for some unknown reason. The fight should start to climax until it’s ultimately interrupted by the ninja who were called in to deal with the intruder. That’s should be exciting to see!

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