Naruto Episode 39 Review

Naruto episode 39 was probably more impactful back when it first aired, but it has lost a lot of its significance watching it now. I could tell that everything going on was supposed to be dramatic, but it just didn’t work. At least, it didn’t work out to the level that was intended. Episode 39 isn’t that bad, it’s just not that good either.

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Where can I watch Naruto episode 39?

I went back to Netflix to watch this one. The “Skip Intro” button was too strong. The rock music that comprises Naruto’s opening here is just too much to listen to. I’m sorry Funimation, but if you figure out a way to allow users to get past the intro then I might come back. I’m sure you’re more focused on bringing Crunchyroll into the fold. That’s what my technical people would be focusing on.

Speaking of Crunchyroll, you can watch Naruto over there as well. You can also catch it at Hulu. There’s really no shortage of places you can find everyone’s favorite anime ninja. Naruto is by far one of the most popular anime out there, even after all this time, so everyone wants the rights to stream it. That just means things are easy for us to find it.

Watch Naruto Episode 39 at Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll or Hulu

How was the story in Naruto episode 39?

At this point in my life, I’ve seen this story more times than I can count. The young male protagonist is in a tough spot and has to dig deep against an opponent who has the upper hand. Unfortunately for Sasuke, anime has progressed pretty far since he was in this pickle. Now, the fights are a lot more entertaining to watch.

I don’t really blame Naruto for the lackluster fight here. A lot has happened in the world since this episode first aired. Technology has advanced tremendously and production quality has increased drastically. The fights we get now have a higher level of potential than what was possible back in the early 2000s.

I say all of this because I was underwhelmed with Sasuke’s fight. For something that’s supposed to be intense and fast-paced, it was really kind of slow. There are even some parts that I’m saving for later when I talk about what Naruto episode 39 got wrong. It just felt like the action didn’t match up with the buildup.

Was there any redeeming quality from the story?

Yes, there was. I think everything played out as well as it could’ve. Sasuke was in trouble, he figured out a way to get past his opponent and a bigger threat revealed itself at the very end. How Sasuke will make it past the final part of the Chunin exam will be quite the mystery. He’s as worn out as possible after having Kakashi seal his curse.

I guess you could say that the story is what you expect a Shonen anime to be. When the young teenage protagonist gets past one hurdle, another danger pops up. There’s a never ending stream of challenges for the main characters. This time it just happens to be Sasuke’s turn.

What did Naruto episode 39 get right?

I really didn’t write a lot down here for this section in my notes. It’s not that the episode did anything particularly egregious, it just didn’t stand out as anything special either. Naruto episode 39 didn’t “Wow” me. Therefore, I didn’t come across many things that I would consider putting in this category.

The one thing that I forced myself to write down was Kakashi sealing Sasuke’s curse. That was a pretty interesting technique to watch. I especially liked watching the writing slither like a snake. There was also the added bonus of having Orochimaru show up and confront Kakashi after he was successful. It leads to probably the most exciting moment of Naruto episode 39. Too bad everything had to end right there.

What did Naruto episode 39 get wrong?

With not being able to point out a lot of positives about the episode, you’d expect there to be a lot of negatives. While I do have several things written down, nothing is that bad either. Everything I noticed was small and didn’t really effect the outcome of the episode as a whole. I guess you could say they were minor annoyances more than anything else.

The first of these was the whole scene surrounding Sasuke and Yoroi flying through the air. In order to combat Yoroi’s ability to steal chakra, Sasuke pulls out Rock Lee’s technique and sends his opponent flying. Sasuke follows it up by positioning himself below Yoroi in order to land another blow. I found the whole thing confusing and implausible.

The way it initially looked, Yoroi and Sasuke weren’t flying that far above the floor. Next thing I knew they were high above the second level of the arena. I guess you could argue that it was all because of the perspective of the first view, but it still threw me off. It was enough to make me pause and look more critically at what was going on.

What else put you in a bad mood?

Sasuke and Yoroi spent a lot of time in the air. It was enough that even in the world of anime physics it would’ve been considered long. The pair was almost going in slow motion, but just for falling. Everything else was in full speed. It just didn’t fit.

Just look at all of the things that Sasuke had time to do. His curse activated and tried to take over, his copying of Rock Lee’s technique was explained and he somewhat slowly knocked out Yoroi. You would’ve thought that at some point during all of this they would’ve hit the ground.

Is Naruto episode 39 worth watching?

Despite all of this, Naruto episode 39 is worth watching. I’m not going to blow smoke at you and pretend that it aged well. It doesn’t. Episode 39 is a good reminder to me that anime has moved on and improved. Thankfully, the story is still interesting and worth paying attention to.

I guess you can say that the entire Naruto anime right now is a good example of an anime that was good in its day, but has lost a lot of its impact over time. It doesn’t mean that the original anime episodes are bad, they’re just old. That goes for Naruto episode 39 as well. I’ll be happy to watch something a little more modern here soon.

Now go watch some anime!

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