Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episodes 9-10 Review

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 10 - Subaru saving Ram
Subaru saving Ram

I’m cheating a little bit by doing two episodes in one review but I’ve made the mistake of watching too many episodes at once.

What I’m really saying is that I was in a little bit of a funk and decided to just watch a couple of anime episodes without doing a review in between. Sometimes it can get a little bit tiring writing up these reviews after each episode and I just want to binge watch something. That’s actually the real reason why some of the series reviews have come out lately.

I’m writing this review probably about a week after watching the episodes so some of the finer points made in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World episodes 9 and 10 have probably left my mind by now. I’ve also had to deal with month-end close at work which consumes my life for a good two days.

What applies here is something that I just heard on an audio book I’ve been listening to. The author of the book compiled the interviews he’s had from his podcast of incredibly successful people and turned it into a book. On one of the interviews, the interviewee stated that “The good stuff sticks.” This means that if something is good enough to be remembered, it will be.

What sticks in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World episodes 9 and 10 is Subaru’s bravery in the face of his fear. Subaru’s situation sucks. He’s afflicted with a curse that will kill him and he has no idea who has placed it on him. To make things worse, if he avoids going down to the village then Rem will be the one that will be cursed and die.

The only solution that Subaru can see is to go to the village, have everyone touch him and have Beatrice discover the shaman who placed the curse on him. This is awfully courageous from a boy who seems content to live life one moment at a time, doing whatever he feels like in the moment.

This is probably the part about Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World that appeals to me the most. We don’t get a false bravado from Subaru. He’s not the fearless protagonist that charges into danger without a second thought. No, Subaru is well aware of the pain that’s awaiting him and he’s not all that interested in going through it. Subaru would rather live a comfortable life without pain where he could pursue Emilia’s affection.

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World Episode 9 - Subaru telling Rem about the missing kids
Subaru recounting the dreams and aspirations of the kids that have gone missing

If you went up to a normal person and said to them “Would you rather have the ability to die and come back to life and use it to change events in the future, but you’d go through a lot of pain and suffering? Or rather would you rather live your life in comfort now without that ability?” they’d probably choose option two. Not a lot of people are willing to go through the pain it requires to change the future.

Subaru chooses to do that though, even though he didn’t get a chance to choose between the two choices. His greatest desire is to have the good people he’s come across be able to live their lives free from pain and death. However he’s able to accomplish that has to be found out through one big trial-and-error experiment.

Without completely spoiling the plot for you, it is good to see Rem and Ram support Subaru in his task of trying to figure out who the shaman is and then trying to lift the curse that’s been placed on all of the children in the village, as well as himself. It’s actually a really touching moment when Subaru recalls every kid’s goal for the future to Ram when she questions why he’s going to risk his life to save them. Subaru really is a nice and considerate guy.

Rem is a pretty awesome fighter, which we already knew to some degree prior to these episodes. She really lets loose and gets into a position where she needs help. It sure is fun to watch her tap into her demonic powers and make the monster dogs pay.

Are Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episodes 9 and 10 Worth Watching?

Absolutely! This is quickly becoming my favorite Isekai anime. It’s not just the same old recycles Isekai story which is nice to see. We’re actually given a story that would be compelling to watch in any genre of anime. I’d probably enjoy watching this in any other form it could take, provided things weren’t changed too much.

Now go watch some anime!



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