Seven Knight Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 11 Review

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 11 picks up where episode 10 left off. By that I mean we’re back to a story that is completely predictable. After watching episode 11, you’ll be wondering if you can predict the future. As the anime comes closer to its close, the big reveals are less than shocking.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 10 Review

What do you think of the story here in episode 11?

If you’re wondering how I’m going to answer this question then go back and look at my previous paragraph. Overall, the story was once again as basic as it can get. Miss Sophitia is actually the real leader of Physis, which was obvious. Nemo’s hero, Genius, was actually a good guy the entire time. Gareth is a useful idiot. You get the picture.

Thankfully the basic storytelling is done well. I never once felt like I was watching an anime that was put together by amateurs. Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 11 was the exact same. I may have been able to spot the boogeyman hiding around the corner from a mile away, but at least it wasn’t a high school production.

What did Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 11 get right?

It was nice to finally learn the entirety of the story. Genius and Eunomia worked together all those years ago to seal the power of destruction that Sophitia was trying to unleash. Sophitia lived on by taking the bodies of unsuspecting girls. Genius was made out to be the bad guy so people wouldn’t go near the library. I’m glad this is all out in the open.

I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel to try and find something else that I really enjoyed about episode 11. It’s not that the anime episode itself was all that bad, it’s just the more I think about it, the more I have questions about certain moments. Nothing really stood out as exceptional.

I already mentioned that it was nice that at least the production of Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 11 was done by professionals. The story itself was nothing to write home about. As I pick my brain about that story, I can’t find anything that I want to bring up here. Not even the action sequences deserve to be in this spot.

With that being the case, what did episode 11 get wrong?

I get that the book in the old library contains the power of destruction and anyone who learns the truth of it is cursed, but my question is “Why?” Why do people crystalize after reading the book? Do they learn that they’re anime characters in a middle of the road anime? Does that shatter their mind to the point where they need to be killed off?

I just don’t get it. I also don’t understand why Genius had to be painted as the bad guy. Yes, I know that the story was spread that Eunomia killed Genius in order to stop Physis. Why couldn’t they just have said it was Sophitia? She was there too and she was actually stopped. Why did Genius have to be the bad guy?

I guess you can say that I’m just not buying what Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 11 is selling. From my perspective, we’re getting this story because it’s the story that we’re supposed to believe in. The hero is supposed to sacrifice himself and hold back the tide of evil. In doing so, he’s supposed to go down in history as the bad guy. It just doesn’t quite work here.

That’s great, but what about what actually happened in episode 11?

That’s another problem. Gareth and Jou’s manipulation and descent into evil came on so fast that I have a hard time believing it. Miss Sophitia’s evil nature was obvious so early on I have a hard time believing that the two members of the Seven Knights fell for her trick. This is especially true after what we saw in episode 10.

This about this for a moment, after a decree came from the mainland that Nemo’s execution was to be suspended, Miss Sophitia made sure to keep things going. Think about that, the librarian was the one who tried to keep an execution going. Not the Chancellor of Granseed, not the head of security, not even the head of security. The librarian kept things going.

This alone should have raised so many red flags. Since that’s not the case, we’re now at the point where Sophitia has manipulated Jou and Gareth. She’s right in pointing out that Gareth really is stupid. Jou is equally as stupid. It’s all kind of disappointing.

Is Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 11 worth watching?

After what I just wrote I can’t say that I wholeheartedly recommend Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 11. I appreciated that it finally started to wrap up the story. Unfortunately, there’s just too much here that is less than perfect. Not even perfect, there’s a lot that’s average or below average. If this was a score on a test it’d be something around a D+ to a C-.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor episode 12 preview

It’s the final battle. Everything is on the line. I’m glad that this anime is finally wrapping things up. It’s not that Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor has been a bad anime, it’s just that it’s been average. There’s nothing here that any seasoned fan of anime won’t recognize.

Back to the preview of episode 12 now. Sophitia turns herself into a into a giant monster of destruction. Nemo and Faria race to stop her. The other members of the Seven Knights, minus Gareth, rush to help. It looks like Gildan is successful in getting Jou to come back to his senses. It shouldn’t be that bad of an episode. Perhaps Seven Knights will end on a high note.

Now go watch some anime!

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