Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episodes 3-5 Review

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episodes 3-5 Review

I’m pleasantly surprised. I did not expect to enjoy Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor because it’s an anime that’s based on a video game. My last foray into that area ended up me stopping the anime after two or three episodes. I’m not saying that Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor is an all time great, but it’s at least palatable.

I know that doesn’t really sound like a full-throated endorsement, but it’s really not that bad of an anime. I find myself picking out what’s going to happen next, but I’m not insulted by any glaring issues with the story or presentation.

I’ve mentioned this in a few other posts but I’ve just moved the site onto the WordPress platform. As such, I’m grouping a bunch of episodes into one review just because I didn’t have the time to go through them individually. You should expect to see one review per episode after this.

How was the story in these three episodes?

I’ve been a fan of anime for a while. Because of that I’ve had the opportunity to see a bunch of different types of stories play out. Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor has a story that is about as standard as they come.

In the first two episodes we saw Nemo awaken his power at the most opportune time. He came to live at the school known as Granseed. The purpose of Granseed is to train hero successors to fight against the evil organization known as Physis. Nemo’s acquisition of his power is unusual and there are those at the school who don’t fully trust him yet.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor - the Librarian

Episodes 3-5 continue on in this vein while also giving us hints that Physis has infiltrated Granseed. Personally I don’t trust the librarian. I know one of the other Hero Successors, Jou, has a massive crush on her but there’s something about the way she acts that’s suspicious.

Disturbances happen at the school that only give support to the idea that Physis has infiltrated. The dragon Jou captured wakes up sooner than expected, Gildan is possessed rather easily and there’s evidence of a vampire running around. Something’s not right.

As you’d expect from a straightforward story like Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor, all of these instances are opportunities for Nemo to show off. Without his help all three of these incidents would’ve ended up poorly for those at Granseed. He’s steadily being built up as the glue that keeps the other knights together.

How’s the action in Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episodes 3-5?

I wouldn’t classify anything that has gone on as a must watch. You won’t see any of the fights here on anyone’s top 10 list. Everything is solid. There aren’t any real glaring issues with the action, it’s just not very memorable. I was excited to see Nemo pull out a new move at the end of episode 5, but that’s been about it.

Are Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episodes 3-5 Worth Watching?

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor - Possessed Gildan

I feel like these episodes are in line with much of the current anime seasons that are running. It’s neither good nor bad. We’re in a season of average (except for My Hero Academia). Episodes 3-5 continue with the average feel for this anime and I expect it to continue. You won’t be offended if you watch this anime, just don’t come into it expecting anything spectacular.

Seven Knights Revolution: Hero Successor Episode 6 Preview

It wouldn’t be an anime with a bunch of high school aged kids without a school festival. It looks like the fight with Physis is going to take a backseat for the time being. The only thing we’re told is that one of the Seven Knights, Gareth, is going to get entangled in a romantic comedy story. Considering his disposition I’m sure he’ll coldly brush off any advances.

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