The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Review

Everyone likes to binge watch a show from time to time. I’ve taken the last couple of weeks to spend some time and go through short seasons of anime that I’ve heard of but never spent the time to watch. Cells at Work is one anime that fit into this category and now The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter can be added to the list.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is an anime that follows Noir Stardia, the son of a low ranking noble. In fact, the Stardia family is treated like commoners by the other noble families. Noir’s job is taken from him by the son of higher ranking noble family and he’s left to try to figure out what his future is going to be.

Lucky for Noir, he has a skill that is incredibly helpful but exacts a high toll whenever he uses it. It’s here that we also get to see our first look at a little bit of the humor that runs through the series. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter likes to take noticeable skills, monsters and abilities from other anime and bring them into its story.

Noir has the ability “Great Sage.” Fans of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime will recognize the name right away. We also get to see the Death Reaper from Sword Art Online as well as the “Lucky Lecher” ability from Fire Force. It makes this anime feel a little bit like a game of bingo when these moments pop up.

The deliberate use of other anime’s elements is not overbearing or expressly alluded to. If you weren’t familiar with the source anime then you wouldn’t know that The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter was ripping it from somewhere else. That actually makes the usage of these items flow very naturally into the story. It comes across as a good-natured wink to other anime.

Besides that, The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter felt like a pretty standard Harem anime. Full disclosure, I had no idea what kind of anime I was getting into when I started watching this. I could tell from the first episode that the target audience was the 13-18 year old male demographic and that point gets hammered home in every episode.

Noir has no issues in building up a harem of attractive, innocent young women who are totally in love with him. That comes in handy as his abilities are powered by “Life Points.” In order to replenish his “Life Points,” Noir has to basically act like a hedonist. What this means for the anime is that he’s constantly groped, rubbed on and kissed by his harem.

As you’d expect from an anime like this, there’s also plenty of fanservice. I’d say the height of this is the hot springs episode. Noir ends up in the position you’d probably expect him to considering he’s the one amassing a harm.

Now, I’m typically not a huge fan of harem anime. They’re unrealistic and meant for a younger audience. But there was one part of The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter that did a pretty good job of poking some fun at harems in general. In order to earn some quick cash, Noir and his harem enter a contest held by a noble.

The contest was a harem contest. The crowd is filled with a bunch of “nice guys” who have been wronged by women in the past. The noble is himself a “nice guy” and organized the event to give everyone a chance to vent their frustrations at those successful in amassing multiple female companions. Most of the harems are savagely mocked until the harem preceding Noir and his group.

This harem is found to be without flaw so the crowd’s pent up frustration is going to be unleashed on our main characters. They then proceed to blow away everyone’s expectations. It’s a funny moment that I could actually go back and watch again without feeling guilty about. It’s fun to watch harems mocked so viciously by the crowd only to have them defeated by a few curves in the right places.

As far as the rest of the story is concerned, it felt like this was one of those anime where everything seems to work out perfectly for the main character. Noir manages to amass a skill set that is incredible due to finding a powerful adventurer in the hidden dungeon. He’s able to use the skills she transferred to him as well as her guidance to overcome every obstacle in his way. It’s all pretty predictable.

The action itself is fairly standard as well. This anime won’t win any awards for it’s complex fighting animations. At times I even felt like it was a little sub-par. For the most part it’s not bad but it just wasn’t that great either. I could definitely get into the fights because of the story, but I didn’t notice anything groundbreaking from a styling perspective.

Is The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Worth Watching?

If you’re on the lookout for a harem anime then you’ll probably enjoy this. If you’re a male between the ages of 13 to 18 then you’ll probably like this. If not, you can skip this anime. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter doesn’t give you anything particularly unique that makes it a must watch by all anime fans. It’s meant for a specific audience and if you don’t fit in that category you won’t be missing anything if you pass it by.

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