Top 10 Moment From My Hero Academia Season 2 – 10 Through 6

Since I’ve done this for My Hero Academia season 1 I might as well do another list for season 2! Here are my top 10 favorite moments from My Hero Academia season 2! This post will cover numbers 10 through 6. Be on the lookout next week for numbers 5 through 1. Disclaimer: This list is completely subjective and no methodology was used to compile it. They’re just my favorite moments. Enjoy!

10. Midoriya Taps into One For All During his Fight with Shinso

My Hero Academia - Midoriya seeing his predecessors

The highlight of My Hero Academia season 2 was the U.A. High School Sports Festival. We got to see the first year students compete with each other in order to show off for all of the professional heroes looking on. Because of the prestige of becoming a hero, all eyes are on the two hero classes. Class 1-A is specifically on display because of what happened at the end of My Hero Academia season 1.

Due to this, they’re also a huge target for the rest of their classmates not in the hero courses. Hitoshi Shinso in particular announces his intent on using the Sports Festival as a means to transfer into the Hero Course. This of course means that someone would have to be transferred out.

During the final event, a fighting tournament, Izuku Midoriya ends up facing Shinso in the first round. Prior to their match, Midoriya receives some advice from his classmate Mashirao Ojiro. It turns out Shinso has a quirk that allows him to control others if they speak to each other.

Despite being warned, Midoriya falls for Shinso’s provocations and is put under his control. While struggling to regain control, Midoriya has a strange vision of One For All. In it, he can see all of the previous users watching him from a tunnel in the arena. It signifies that all of them are supporting him on as he’s next in the line of succession.

With the strength of his predecessors, Midoriya is able to knock himself loose from Shinso’s control and win the match. We’re left with this mysterious interaction with One For All that even All Might cannot explain. What’s lurking in the depths of Midoriya’s new quirk? I hope we get to find out!

9. Yaoyorozu Comes Up With a Winning Strategy Against Eraser Head

My Hero Academia - Yaoyorozu coming up with a plan to defeat Mr. Aizawa

Yaoyorozu was admitted to U.A. High School through recommendations. That means that she was highly regarded prior to her time at the school. Unlike Todoroki though, she hasn’t shown off nearly as much. While Yaoyorozu has good grades and a useful quirk, she’s quickly falling behind her classmates in practical application.

During their final exam, Hero Class 1-A is split into pairs and tasked with either taking down a teacher or escaping the field. Yaoyorozu is paired up with Todoroki and their opponent is Eraser Head. Eraser Head did this intentionally as he wants to see if he can get Yaoyorozu to strengthen her confidence and lead her team. She has the ability and intelligence, it just needs to come out when needed.

After initially hesitating and going along with Todoroki, Yaoyorozu eventually galvanizes herself and shows off what she can do. With Todoroki’s help, Yaoyorozu comes up with a plan to neutralize Eraser Head’s quirk while also providing the materials to capture him. The pair ends up passing due to her quick thinking.

It’s great to see other members of Class 1-A develop and Yaoyorozu is no exception. It’s also a touching moment because Eraser Head gets called out by his fellow staff members for being a little bit of a softie. There was one moment where he could’ve potentially foiled Yaoyorozu’s plan but his ultimate goal for the test had been accomplished. I think he was just happy to see Yaoyorozu come into her own.

8. Ochaco Uraraka’s Strategy vs Bakugo

My Hero Academia - Ochacho Uraraka trying to defeat Bakugo

If you were to make a short list of the best fighters in Hero Class 1-A then you’d probably have Bakugo near the top if not at the very top. His intuition and athleticism make him a handful and could probably allow him to win over some pro heroes. Considering he ends up winning the fighting tournament, Uraraka is in for a rough go of it.

Ochaco Uraraka is not a fighter. She’s the bubbly, kind girl in the class who is quickly becoming Izuku Midoriya’s love interest. She has a burning desire to become a hero though. Part of that is learning how to fight.

While she might be scared to face Bakugo, Uraraka doesn’t back down. She also has a plan. To the spectators it appears that Bakugo is mercilessly assaulting his classmate. To the pro heroes in attendance and some of her classmates in the stands, Uraraka is setting up Bakugo for a major attack.

Uraraka is forcing Bakugo to destroy the ring. This plays to Uraraka’s strength because she can make things float. All of the rubble that’s being created by Bakugo is ending up above the ring. Uraraka’s movements keep Bakugo’s focus on the ground so she’s slowly building up her arsenal without his knowledge.

When it’s time, she unleashes her attack. It takes Bakugo giving it everything he has to demolish all of the rubble coming his way. While he may still be the victor in the end, we gain a new level of respect for Uraraka.

7. Mineta Successfully Defeats Midnight

My Hero Academia - Mineta defeating Midnight

This list so far has been full of the secondary characters getting to shine. This trend continues with Mineta. Mineta is the stereotypical anime perv. He’s only concerned with trying to catch a glimpse of the girls or female teachers when he can. He’s basically just been here for comic relief.

When Mineta and Sero get teamed up to take on Midnight for their final exam it’s like a dream come true for the little pervert. Midnight’s the sexy hero so Mineta’s dream is to somehow get close to her. When the exam starts and Sero saves Mineta from being knocked out from Midnight’s quirk, all Mineta can do is complain about Sero’s luck. His partner ended up with his head in Midnight’s lap, right where Mineta wanted to be.

As Mineta continues to complain it appears that he’s also getting pushed into a corner. Midnight’s knockout gas is closing in and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere for the little perv to go. What comes next is completely unexpected. Mineta uses his disappointment to fuel him to victory.

Mineta uses a piece of Sero’s tape to cover his mouth while unleashing a barrage of his pop off balls from his head. These balls act as an adhesive and enough of them attach to Midnight and her whip that she can’t move. On top of that, Mineta is repelled by the balls so it allows him to act like a pinball and quickly get away. Not too bad for the anime perv!

6. Midoriya Learns to use One For All: Full Cowling

My Hero Academia - One For All Full Cowling

As a result of the U.A. Sports Festival a number of students received invitations to intern at professional hero agencies. Izuku Midoriya only received one offer. It was from a pro hero known as Gran Torino. Gran Torino is All Might’s former teacher and the best friend of All Might’s predecessor, Nana Shimura.

The seemingly senile Gran Torino challenges Midoriya to change his understanding of One For All. Up until this point Midoriya had used the quirk to reinforce areas of his body. He had also only been able to use it at 100% or nothing. In talking with Gran Torino, Midoriya realizes that his new quirk isn’t just a temporary strengthening of one area, it should fully encompass his whole body.

With an image of how a microwave works in his mind, Midoriya summons One For All across his entire body at a severely reduced percent. The test ends up working. Now Midoriya can use One For All without destroying himself. He still may need a lot of training to get full control over this new approach to One For All but it’s still progress.

The is a monumental leap ahead for Izuku Midoriya. We’ve known that he had access to incredible power, but every time he used that power it shattered his bones. At the rate he was going, Midoriya would’ve been a husk of his former self in no time at all. Now that we see a way for him to access that power without injuring himself, we have hope that Midoriya can indeed become the world’s number one hero!

There you have it. Numbers 10 through 6 of my top 10 moments from My Hero Academia season 2. Look out for the rest of the list coming out next week!

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