Top 10 Moments From My Hero Academia Season 3: 5 – 1

Last week I went through moments 10 – 6 in my top 10 moments from My Hero Academia season 3. Now it’s time to finish off the list with 5 – 1. As a reminder, this list is completely subjective and is not based on any set of criteria. These are just the moments that I rank as the top 5.

5. Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo’s Fight

As My Hero Academia season 3 comes to an end, Bakugo invites Midoriya out for a chat. More specifically, he challenges him to a fight. Bakugo wants to test out Midoriya and see how far he’s progressed in making his quirk his own. Bakugo also needs to make his feelings known to Midoriya.

This is one of those moments in anime where emotions are exchanges through punches and kicks. There’s no shortage of emotion here either so the kicks and punches come fast and furious. Bakugo’s guilt over how he treated Midoriya as they grew up pours out. Midoriya struggles to get Bakugo to realize that he doesn’t hold any animosity towards his rival.

The fight ends with Bakugo coming out on top and both boys getting caught. With everything out in the open now, their relationship can improve to where they can at least talk to each other. They may never become the best of friends, but at least they’ll be able to coexist without some awkward tension.

4. All Might Telling Midoriya that “Next, It’s Your Turn”

After the fight with All For One, All Might was completely spent. He used up the last remnants of One For All and can no longer continue as a hero. The only person that realizes the state that All Might is in is Izuku Midoriya. Midoriya understands that the power All Might chose to pass on to him has finally been extinguished in his predecessor.

The unspoken understanding is made into words with the cameras rolling on All Might. While everyone else in the world interpreted All Might’s words of “Next, it’s your turn” as a warning to villains, it’s true audience was only one person. The message was received by Midoriya loud and clear.

What makes this moment so great is the emotion behind it. We’re watching a boy witness his childhood hero become a husk of his former self. All of Midoriya’s admiration and ideals are wrapped up in who All Might is. Now that image is no more. The hero that Midoriya looked up to is all used up.

Add to that the weight of responsibility that now is on Izuku Midoriya’s shoulders and you get an extremely moving moment. It’s no wonder that the floodgates open up and he can’t hold back his tears.

3. The Emotional Decision on Whether or Not to Go Save Bakugo

Emotion was a big element of #4 and it’s even more important of a factor here. At number three I put the moment where Class 1-A was discussing whether or not they should go after Bakugo when he was being held by the League of Villains. This is the first time that I viewed the entire class as more than just students.

At the heart of this debate was whether or not the members of Class 1-A should go after Bakugo. The students had to decide between their burning desire to help, a characteristic that all heroes have, and following the laws that govern society. While it might be easy to say “Sure! Go ahead and save Bakugo! That’s what heroes do!” keep in mind that it’s also a hero’s job to uphold the laws.

Tsu brings up the argument that if the class acts on its own and disregards the law, then they’re no better than the villains that they are fighting against. It’s a legitimate point and it leads to some heated debates. To add to all of the emotion, Iida has the lingering memories of how his rash actions in the Hero Killer: Stain incident went down. He wants to stop something like that from happening again.

Watching Class 1-A struggle with this decision brings a sense of reality to My Hero Academia. There’s no obvious answer to the question they’re debating. It’s very true to real life too. Often times there’s not an easy, obvious answer. It’s something we can all relate to.

2. United States of Smash

It was hard not to put this moment as number one but I believe that it belongs here in this spot. The United States of Smash was the last punch that All Might delivered in his hero career. What a punch it was too! It’s fitting that it be directed at his arch nemesis, All For One.

In the fight against All For One, it becomes clear that the two men are polar opposites. All Might is a symbol for justice and peace. All For One is hellbent on manipulating people and amassing power for himself. His dream is to become a tyrant, the Symbol of Evil. It’s fitting that All Might would give everything he has to stop All For One.

As the fight unfolds it’s clear that All Might is quickly losing his grasp on One For All’s power. He struggles to hold his foe at bay and is pushed to his limit. Just when it looks like the Symbol of Peace is going to fall he reaches down deep and grabs hold of the last little bits of One For All to pull out his grand finale.

The result is the United States of Smash. A devastating punch that brings down All For One, at least for the time being. It’s a level of power that we haven’t seen before in My Hero Academia. It’s truly and amazing spectacle.

1. Midoriya Defeating Muscular

I put this one at my number one spot simply because I felt like it was a more emotional moment than All Might’s United States of Smash. You might not agree with that but I’m sticking by it. Izuku Midoriya defeating Muscular and saving Kota is my top moment in My Hero Academia season 3.

In the middle of the test of courage event at the U.A. training camp, the League of Villains attacks both Hero Class 1-A and 2-B. Midoriya, knowing where Kota’s secret hideout is, rushes to make sure Mandalay’s cousin is safe. What he finds is one of the stronger members of the League of Villains about to kill the boy.

We end up learning that Muscular, the villain assailing Kota and Midoriya, was the one who killed Kota’s parents a few years ago. He’s a monster who’s in love with killing and his sights are set on the two boys. Muscular’s enhancement quirk is strong enough to withstand One For All at the level that Midoriya is able to use it at. Things seem dim for both Midoriya and Kota as the former tries to figure a way for the pair to survive. What we’re treated to is an impressive display of determination from both boys.

Kota is able to get beyond his fear and past just long enough to distract Muscular for a moment. In this moment, Midoriya is able to turn the tide and summon One For All at 1,000,000%. It’s a ridiculous number that should’ve destroyed his body, but he does it anyway.

It turns out that this is enough to overpower the much more experienced villain and plaster him against the side of a mountain. With Muscular defeated, there’s a sense of relief and vindication. Relief for Midoriya and vindication for Kota. The young boy is not going to have to suffer the same fate as his parents. It’s my favorite part of My Hero Academia season 3.

There you have it. The remainder of my top 10 moments from My Hero Academia season 3. Now it’s off to season 4!

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